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What’s The Crisis at YOUR Local Animal Shelter? — 7 Comments

  1. Whenever I see Facebook posts on shelter animals needing homes, I always “SHARE” rather than “LIKE” because that’s what gets the word out. I always see many more likes than shares. Can anyone explain this?

    Is it from early programming to get as many “likes” as possible?

    My motto is “If you care, please SHARE!”

    • Sandy, you make an interesting point. People do covet FB Likes. They are like a currency. It is sad. People who run websites or FB pages seek a lot of FB Likes. But as you say sharing is much better in this instance.

      • People think I’m crazy for starting my own website up where I don’t make a penny regardless and put well over 200 hours a month into. I did ask for help with the cat food and TNR spay fee for the colony and got it so I guess it all equals out. I’d rather people share from my wall than give a like. Whatever gets the animal out of the shelter and shares seem to do best. A lot of people want tags but then they have to be approved by the person tagged a lot of the time. I usually go to different people who have given me permission to post on their wall. That works well.

          • My website is quite relaxing. It’s like a soap opera for pets. Not only do I write the initial bio, my followers expect updates on what happened in the end. I still need to finish up the figures for the first 200 but I believe about 80% were rescued or adopted. Networking is key. I couldn’t do it without people sharing. Cabarrus County, NC and Cobb County, Georgia say the bios are really helping get exposure. I’m also helping rescues who do the most pulling from kill shelters.

  2. Thanks for this Elisa. The problem is the same as it has been for the past 20 years, isn’t it? There are too many unwanted cats. The supply of unwanted cats needs to be slowed as well as improving shelters where applicable. The whole process of cat overpopulation and mass euthanasia of animals results in the devaluation of the life of animals which encourages carelessness with respect to our relationship with pets which in turn leads to more unwanted cats and dogs and thus the “crisis” continues.

    • Michael, I agree with everything in your comment.

      Sadly as humans, it tends to be in our nature to only value that which is rare 🙁

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