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When a Cat Licks Another Cat is this Friendly Behavior? — 4 Comments

  1. I have six de-sexed males. Oldest a Ragdoll help mother the younger rescue boys. All who I got between 4-10 weeks in age. Learned them go tray and so on. Even now the 4yr old with nuzzle in to his stomach and get groomed.

  2. my kitties do that a lot & they ALL get along so im thinkin its all good. to me it seems like when they groom, play, groom that theyre saying, “hey u know im just playin right? were good, right?” when they do it to us(me, my gf, & our kids)its like they want us to know to not take it personal cuz they see us as 1 of them. but they DONT bite us hard tho. i told my kids its ok as long as they dont keep biting, but to always say “OW!” really loud if it hurts to let THEM know otherwise they wont learn. so im with u on this one, sir! (arent those kitties cute!)

    • I think like you Ed. I agree with you. I guess the scientists think different! There might be something going on in the background though that we don’t realise.

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