When a rescue cat is happy and healthy it is time to say goodbye

Rescue cat loved greatly
Rescue cat loved greatly
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This is a tremendous video. It oozes love. It is as if the love of the rescuers was transferred to this lovable but sick stray cat through their hands. So much loving. There is no other way to describe it: a journey of love and at the end to say goodbye was a final act of love for this rehabilitated cat. It took 7 months, a couple of rescue staff and a couple of foster carers. Stupendous work. I really like the way the cat walks into the cat carrier when he is being rescued. He knew that it was his way out of homelessness.

“When a rescue cat is happy and healthy it is time to say goodbye” – the words or similar words used by the guy who rescued this cat.

Please watch the whole video. It is very chilling and calming. The boy looked terrible when he was discovered which is slightly hard to bear but the transformation is wonderful. He has a home now. Someone to care for him. He’ll have a good rest of life.

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