When cat eats cat it is upsetting

Puma in living room an unwanted intruder
Puma in living room – an unwanted intruder
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A mountain lion wandered into a home in Boulder, Colorado, sat down and looked like he was watching television. He licked his lips. He had just eaten the family cat, Klondike. There is no evolved agreement between all cats that one should not eat another. Leopards are sometimes preyed upon by lions for instance.

It took the wildlife officers a while to get him out. I think this was a subadult male who wasn’t fully in tune with the idea that it is not a good idea to mix with humans because they are dangerous.

The officers shooed him out by shooting beanbags onto the windows of house.

It was a bit of shock for the occupier. He’s a roommate of Kayla Slaughter and he returned home at around 10:30 pm to see the mountain lion settled down nicely in the living room. It appears that the puma had got in through a screen covering an open window. Perhaps the screen was temporarily down.

When the puma left he casually walked out the front door, down the street and back to the wilds of Colorado. I wonder if this is an example of a puma becoming habituated to human presence which causes the cat to lose his fear of humans. This results in more interactions between humans and pumas which in turn can only lead to the deaths of more pumas.

As the human population expands, they gradually take over the land occupied by pumas. This is the result.

Slaughter will be taking more care about shutting doors and windows at night in the future. It’s also a good idea to keep out human intruders: burglars!

Source: WIVB.com

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1 thought on “When cat eats cat it is upsetting”

  1. Crikey, what huge old bag of mixed emotions there! It is a hard and tragic way to learn a lesson about living near human habituated large predators.

    Poor Klondike, I hope it was swift and if the carer gives a home to another cat, they sort out a checklist to follow before leaving the home, and don’t leave it with easy access to Pumas


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