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When Do Most Cats Start to Meow? — 5 Comments

  1. Ahsan,I am so sorry.There are cruel people here that are just as mean to poor little animals. My kitten now got out the door and I didnt know it. He was 8 weeks then and that was the first time I heard him meow.He had his face in the window meowing loudly and wanting back in.

  2. received my four kittens of same litter at their age being 3 weeks. At the starting moments they were meowing with a request to feed them, they were hungry. I fed them lactose free milk and with tona and warm water mixed. They were very happy at that moment, and I can still recall the kittenhood of them. They became silent and when ever they needed food , they started meowing again.

    Unfortunately, and sure within a cruel environment 🙁 three of them were killed by neighborhood boy.

    I still dream them and I am a patient now 🙁

    My kittens, 1) tiny Sajid 2) Puma (girl) 3) small TUMTUM all killed 🙁

    My LAILA is still enjoying with us, she is so happy that we have released her and still release her out in terrace but she does not cross the terrace boundary and she just jumps through my legs and then in my arms.

    Maybe she still remembers the cruelty of her sister and brothers … 🙁

    YES! very true that the cat/ kittens meow when they need us or requests us in this way to help them, yes! very very true and thanks for the article Michael, You have many ideas of discussion through POC.org and I don’t know where you get these logical discussions??? but it feels me relaxed and sure I get the knowledge/ experience through your articles.

    Thank you again <3

  3. Our cats rarely “meow” with a typical “meow” sound. Perhaps it’s because they are Oriental Shorthairs, but their vocalizations are more like “wows” and they can get very loud and resemble “singing” actually.

    Occasionally one will utter a “mew”- which I think is basically a request to be fed .

    I have heard that cats only “meow” to humans- and don’t “meow” to other cats. Nice article, Michael.

  4. I think both nurture and nature come into play as to when a cat first meows or how vocal they are.

    Sophie didn’t meow until she was a year old. She chirped a lot, but never meowed. When she was 6 months old we took in Merlin who was a chatterbox with the largest vocabulary of any cat I’ve ever known. Gradually Sophie began to meow, but it was more of a kitten like mewl. Whether she learned this from Merlin, I don’t know. Although she became a little more vocal with increasing age, she was never as chatty as him.

    Personality will obviously have a bearing as some cats are more chatty than others. However, there’s also a theory that because cats mainly reserve meowing for humans, that the better you understand your cat’s body language, the less it will need to vocalise it’s requests of you.

    We all like talking to our cats and they definitely have the memory and intelligence to learn a wide range of words. Just as we now know that cats use a “soliciting” purr to get what they want, I’m sure they quickly realise that certain other vocalisations will elicit the desired response from us.

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