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When Feeding Our Cat We Should Make Him Hunt for It — 1 Comment

  1. Michael,
    Monty would not go for this– he would just get frustrated and tell me to feed him. He also does not get dry food ever. But he does hunt, though he seldom eats his kills. This morning I let him out into his enclosure and then took care of a few things before coming out myself. When I opened the door he came running excitedly and I noticed just in time he had a mouse in his mouth. He always wants to bring his kills into the house and tries very hard to do this. I’m sure one day I will not be quick enough to prevent him! Not a good thing as I never know if the unfortunate creature in his mouth is alive or dead.

    It is upsetting that he kills, but like you said to me once, it is as natural to him as reading the morning paper is to us. At least he seems to prefer ground prey to birds. His total since this spring is up to four mice, three chipmunks, two bunnies and two birds. Not a huge amount, but pretty good for a cat who only goes out occasionally! Our back garden is a bit wild and overgrown so the little animals like it. But the minute they poke their nose through or under the fence to come in, Monty is there! It is the perfect hunting situation. The cat who meows impatiently for me to feed him can sit for hours perfectly still and quiet waiting for something to come under that fence.

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