When is the world going to stop China promoting the butchering of animals?

Is there a grain of compassion for animals in the world (amongst the political classes)? It seems we are just letting China continue with their lust for ivory which is decimating elephant numbers in Africa. A recent survey tells us that the African elephant population has reduced by a third – yes one third – within the past seven years. And it is for the Chinese ivory trade.

We moan and winge about it every month but nothing changes in bloody China. Countries who trade with China must force them to change their nasty habits. It is well beyond the time for that. Are we to see the African elephant become extinct in the wild in 20 years or whatever? It is madness.

Can’t the politicians stop thinking about themselves and humans for a second and apply their minds to animal welfare and conservation? They need to hurt China financially. Force them them to change and consider global animal welfare. They need to be kicked hard. Do Western politicians have the balls to do it? At the moment the answer is no. Pathetic.

Cat fur protest
Cat fur protest Madrid.
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On another related subject, bloody China (literally) are the world’s supplier of animal fur and that includes cat and dog fur.

US scientists have detected (not for the first time) real dog and cat fur in coats allegedly made from synthetic materials. The Chinese are killing hundreds of thousands of cat and dogs for their fur and labelling the product synthetic because the real stuff is cheaper to make than the plastic stuff! And they are getting away with it. How many Americans or Brits are wearing cat fur in their gloves or cosy boots? Lots. Many of these people will be cat and dog lovers. It’s more madness.

There was a protest in Madrid, Spain recently in which 30 animal activists (I admire then hugely) lay down in a square in public having the impression of being naked and covered in blood.

A poster read: How many lives for a fur coat? You could ask also: How many cats are buttered for their skin in that bloody horrible country?

Please, can someone in authority stand up and do what’s right: force the Chinese to stop this barbaric attitude towards animals?

Oh, I almost forgot – heard of bile bears? If not you don’t want to know. It is too horrible. Wild bears in tiny cages where they can’t move, all their lives, while their bile it tapped off from them in a crude device around their middle to supply their idiotic ancient medicine. Only a barbaric people can do this and it happens in China. Damn them and shame on them. I genuinely hate you for it.

Here is the article in Simplified Chinese just in case one Chinese person gets the chance to read it which is unlikely because they censor large parts of the internet. Any why? Because the governing wax works in suits have to keep the citizens of China down and subservient. There needs to be a huge and bloody revolution in bloody China. It is overdue.

是否有同情在世界动物纹?似乎我们只是让中国继续自己的欲望象牙是非洲大象抽取号码。最近的一项调查告诉我们,非洲大象人口已经减少了三分之一 – 是的三分之一 – 在过去的七年内。它是中国象牙贸易。我们每个月都会抱怨和温格这件事,但没有血腥的中国的变化。谁与中国贸易的国家必须强制他们改变生活习惯讨厌。这是远远超出时间的。我们是否看到了非洲大象在野外灭绝,20年或什么?这是疯狂。







哦,我差点忘了 – 听说熊胆的?如果不是你不想知道。这是太恐怖了。野熊在狭小的笼子在那里他们可以不动,他们的生活,而他们的胆汁从它们摆放在中间的粗设备排出。只有野蛮的人能做到这一点,它发生在一个地方:中国。该死的和羞辱他们。

14 thoughts on “When is the world going to stop China promoting the butchering of animals?”

  1. It’s easy , Move all manufacturing back to your own counties, You’ll pay more but wages will reflect that increase close the international door on China and let them enjoy their precious culture.
    China will own the responsibility for the extinction of many wild animals so they can get hard dicks. You can’t make someone ashamed when they see no value in animals beyond what they can profit on.

    • The U.S and the U.K will never be able to close trading with China. And, we will outsource to them every chance that we get. I don’t know if any of this outsourcing makes any dent in the debts owed, but it should.
      All that I can say is that I, personally, have stopped buying products from them.

      • It’s nearly impossible not to. You buy something made in the US only to find out the parts were made in China. China is not a modern country. It is a government using it’s citizens as a resource to make money. It would see as long as something that can be sold is rolling out of a factory they don’t care if the employees are butchering dogs and cats alive in the street. Claiming culture to mask barbaric behavior.

        • So agree about “made in the USA may contain parts that have been made in China”. We are so deceived nearly all of the time.
          China is, indeed, barbaric. Ofcourse, they use and abuse their citizens to make money. How else would they have ever had the funds to own us.

          • China cheats the world. They have to be stopped. We should not trust them and we should stop buying “Made in China”. We need to stop being so materialistic and be more patriotic and Americans and Brits need to buy products made in their own countries. That would teach them to start behaving in respect of animal welfare across the board.

  2. The Chinese have an extremely cruel set of moral standards when it comes to animals and people alike. I have heard of the terrible Bear Bile farm trade practices in China,Vietnam and other Asian countries. Their barbaric methods to extract the bile from Moon bears, Brown bears and other bears is torturous and heartbreaking. They have been manufacturing [ if you want to call it that] their bile to sell as a remedy for a wide range of ailments, one being to boost male virility. Please-Please for anyone not informed; just look up Bile Bears on ‘youtube’. I guarantee you will cry and then become angry about what they do to these animals to make a profit. This has been a tradition for many generations and has to stop.

    • Thanks Eva for your support. The bile bear stories still haunt me. They are the ultimate version of state sponsored or accepted animal cruelty. It is utterly barbaric and unforgivable and I hate them for it. I will never forgive them. The West should be really hurting the Chinese to change their perverse ways.

  3. im sickened by all of this abuse of animals, its all about money, i would love to see a complete blanket ban on anything from China, but look at our clothing labels MADE IN CHINA. an our Government is so hell bent with the trade from China theres not alot can be done in some instances, MONEY AN POWER IS WHAT IT SEEMS TO BE ABOUT

    • Totally agree with you Coll. I’d love to see the West stop buying all things made in China until they changed their ways. Let’s hurt them. But the West is just too addicted to materialistic ways and cheap Chinese products and the Chinese know this which means they are immune from censor and sanctions. I hate this situation. The West is too weak.

  4. None of us, UK included, can ever forbid China from doing anything.
    They own us. We allow them to kill our babies and pets.
    Does anyone get it?

    • Yep, agreed, Dee. We are pathetic for allowing the Chinese to own us and to do what they do and the UK is as bad as anyone else. I hate it. It depresses me. It makes me sick.

      • How our governments ever got us into this mess is a mystery. If I had to guess, I would say that both nations needed to borrow tons of money to subsidize our ignorant wars and defense miscellaneous.

        To date, the US owes China 19.5 trillon dollars and the UK owes them 2.5 trillon dollars.

        At the time that most of this money was borrowed, we had declared China to be our worst Communistic enemy, not anywhere near being an ally.

        So, what the hell? I feel that we were lied to and betrayed for a l-o-n-g time.

  5. I won’t even date a woman from China, let alone buy anything made there. I won’t shop in stores that sell these products and I make a point of telling the proprietors. I’ve participated in hundreds of online campaigns to be heard, but it just keeps getting worse. The moment a substantial protest to help stop this madness becomes available, I will be right on-board!


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