“When Mickey came back FIV+ the vet told me I should euthanize him”

Posted by Sam Rickard August 20, 2019

When I lived in Oklahoma there were apartments behind mine. This scruffy gentleman belonged to a family behind us. They left one night to avoid the landlord and paying back-rent. They left this baby behind. I couldn’t let him starve, so I made him a hut and gave him ‘noms.’ We were at kitty capacity and he was happy out in the grass and sunshine.

fiv cat
Mickey tested FIV+ (Sam Rickard)
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We finally decided to move back to Missouri. There was no doubt in my mind that he would come with us.

He was obviously an older gentleman, with parts that made it unclear as to whether he was neutered or not. He was very affectionate, purred up a storm, and slobbered like crazy. I decided to get him vetted and he would live in my large back yard.

I always opt for FIV and FeLV testing when I acquire a kitty. At the vet it was confirmed the boy was indeed fixed (though the vet thought otherwise at first because of his deep meow). He also came back FIV+. The vet told me I should put him down.

fiv cat adoption
Mickey has made himself at home (Sam Rickard)

Fortunately for the kitty I have a Microbiology degree and I know how disease works. I told the vet I would give him a few days of love and snuggles and I would be back. That was two years ago.

This is Mickey. He’s a gentle giant who loves to be loved. He had to be an inside cat so he couldn’t infect the neighborhood Toms. I was concerned about his interaction with my other cats, but there have been no problems. In fact, one female dubbed him her “man.” She follows him and snuggles him at every opportunity.

If you leave food out for even a second he will face dive into it. His favorite past time activities include loud snoring, getting nose spots on windows, sitting like people, and farting death bombs in front of fans. He’s a much older bebby, but I will give him the best life I can while he’s here.

Please give FIV+ kitties a chance!


Note from Elisa: I found Mickey’s story from a Facebook group post devoted to black cats. I wanted to write on the post because many veterinarians test for FIV and when the test shows positive the vet recommends euthanasia. You don’t have to kill your cat! FIV kitties, with proper care, can live as long as cats who test negative.

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