When the Cat Kills the Mouse the Mouse Screams

I’m not complaining. I accept it. But I don’t like it. It is reality. We need to accept reality. We need to accept that our cat is a wonderful predator. Our cat does not care if the mouse that he is playing with is screaming. Sometimes the mouse screams quite loudly. The scream can be heard across a room. Some mice scream more than others. Some mice don’t scream at all. The scream varies in its tone, length and intensity. Sometimes it’s quite sharp and very short. On other occasions it is longer and more like a typical scream one would hear from a person. The mouse screams when the cat’s teeth bite into him. This does not kill him. It just hurts. This morning it got to me a bit. I chased my cat out of my flat through the cat flap so that he could kill his prey outside. So that I did not have to hear the screams of this brave mouse.

Cat eats mouse in 60 seconds
What’s left.
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Note 1: as I said, I’m not complaining. My cat goes outside. He sometimes catches prey. I don’t like it but I accept it because it is natural. We have to accept the natural world. We can’t criticise our cat behaving normally. We shouldn’t brush under the carpet what we might see as the cruel natural world. It’s just the natural world: the order of things. I think it’s better to look at our cat as a cat and a predator rather than an ornament to adorn the home.

Note 2: Please don’t suggest that I keep my cat inside. I realise that it’d be a solution. I decided that he could go out because it is 90% safe and it’s better for him if it’s accetable to neighbours, which it is here.

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  1. A cat is happier and healthier 8 times out of 10 being allowed to go out doors. Mine are called to the sun room door every weekend. They know the rules and only cross the threshold if given permission. even then they wait for my husband or myself to step out the door first.This is something we trained them to do as kittens.We stay out with all of them and keep watch. I am aware this is not the norm; but our babies trust and depend on our good judgment and protection. I don’t freak out if they catch [ on rare occasions ] a bird or rabbit.They are Cats.


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