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When To Euthanize a Cat — 3 Comments

  1. R.I.P Mischief.
    I’m so sad for you, it doesn’t matter how many more cats we have, losing one leaves a huge gap.

  2. I’m so sorry Michael about the passing of Binnie. Our cat Mischief died yesterday at 12.56 pm in my arms on the way to the vet to have her euthanised. She was also 20 years old. Yes she was deaf, a bit senile and had accidents on the carpet, sofa etc but I adored her and she was so happy right until the very end. In fact she was laid purring in my arms looking right into my eyes when she finally fell asleep. She’d had a huge stroke, which was why we were taking her to the vets. We had been debating for a couple of weeks about if it was ‘her time’. She was getting very wobbly and even fell over a few times, she also could only eat wet food as biscuits were too much for her to cope with. She became thinner over the last few months but she was happy, purring all the time. She was becoming increasingly distressed at being left alone. Her days were filled with sleeping, only waking to eat and wobble towards the litter tray area, but she didn’t manage to use the tray, she just went in the general area. But I spent my time cleaning the floor, feeding her, loving her and tending to her coat as she no longer groomed herself. My husband and son knew time was coming for us to take her to the vets and were trying to persuade me to let her go. When we got home yesterday from doing the shopping she had, had a huge stroke and was paralysed but still able to breathe. We called our vet and took her straight there. She passed in the car on the way as I said earlier purring and surrounded by love. We have arranged for her to be cremated and then we will bring her home and keep her in a special urn where as and when time comes for our other 5 girls to pass they will join her and when I pass they will be buried with me.
    I totally agree the decision to take our pets to the vet for the final time is the hardest a loving and caring owner will ever have to make. As for the woman who brought her cat in just because they were going away, well she doesn’t deserve an animal full stop!. Would she bring a child or other family member to be put to sleep just because they were in the way? Disgusting behaviour and I’m so glad the cat found a new and loving home with someone who deserves her.
    You made the right, humane and loving decision for Binnie and she was lucky to have such a loving owner. Bless you both.

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