When will it end…Johnston County cat dumping case postponed again

This is just a quick update on the case of the 17 cats dumped by Terry Ray Beasley and Tamara Perezlazaro on Thanksgiving weekend. Nothing good to report at the time, but I wanted everyone to know where the case stands to date. Click here to learn how 17 cats were dumped in the freezing cold and left to fend for themselves.

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There was a trial date set for January 24 was held in Johnston County, North Carolina. Beasley and Perezlazaro asked for a court-appointed attorney and a new court date was set for February 28. On this date the judge looked at each of them and announced the next court date would be April 25. In court February 28, all that was said is the following: The ADA, Andrew Tamer, said to the Judge about Terry Ray Beasley: “Lines 2-17 – 425.” The Judge said: “Granted.” Same with Tamara Perez-Lazaro: “Lines 65-79 – 425” The Judge said: “Granted.”

“425” is court language for the date of the new trial. So people who are taking time out of their day to attend each trial to ensure justice is served are having to return again and again and again. The court system cares little that people have jobs and lives to attend to.

Terry Ray Beasley and Tamara Perezlazaro

As far as the additional delay, it is just part of the game. There is no real reason for it, except just to buy time. People who want to contact the officials about the case should contact Andrew Tamer, the assistant district attorney prosecuting the case at Andrew.T.Tamer@nccourts.org. Johnson County District Attorney Susan Doyle can be reached at (919) 209-5520 (phone) or (919) 209-5503 (fax).

Since there’s a thin line between being a concerned animal advocate and being a “nag”, people who do contact Tamer and Doyle should be brief, respectful, and not demanding. These representatives have to work within the limitations of the criminal justice system here, which does not permit felony charges for these offenses. Both charges for Animal Abuse and Animal Abandonment are misdemeanors carrying a maximum of 120 days and possibly a small fine but everyone would like very much to see these charges escalated to felonies or at the very least have these two receive the maximum possible sentence.

Doyle and Tamer do not have a choice. There is some leeway in sentencing but only to the extent that they can make charges consecutive rather than concurrent. That’s what we should push for. There’s a remote possibility that Beasley will be given a harsher sentence because of his priors. There’s very little chance much will happen with Tamara. She does have prior arrests, but her crimes are nowhere near as serious as Beasley’s.

If you choose to contact the District Attorney’s office, just stress you expect to see the maximum sentence handed down and thank them for their time in listening to your complaint and politely end the call.

On a happy note, Polly, one of the missing dumped Garner cats, was trapped February 26. I’ll be posting more on her when information on a forever home becomes available. To date, 11 are safe, 5 missing and one found dead.


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  1. I live in Spring Creek on Chaney Drive. There are two cats living in the shrubs behind my house – I’m the second one on the left. My house backs up to the new subdivision- the grass is high. One cat is black and the other is a tabby. My neighbor has been feeding them because they were getting thin. Please see if these are two of the five you are looking for!

  2. I’m so pleased that these culprits were identified and charged. So much dumping goes on; mostly with litters in my area. I’m called about twice a week about a litter dumped. I have gotten to the point where I have no tolerance for that since spay/neutering is close to free here. The guilty parties are hard to find, but I ask witnesses to write down license tags for me when they see any dumping.


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