When Winter Storm Diego hit Asheville, cat lovers built snow sculptures of their cats

When Winter Storm Diego swept through Asheville, North Carolina on Saturday, a cat group made the best of the situation by challenging their members to build snow sculptures of their cats.

photo courtesy Annie Shulman King
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Asheville Cat Weirdos is a feline-centric Facebook group dedicated to all things cat. When 11 plus inches of snow fell in Asheville, cat owners were challenged to build snowcats. Some cat owners even had their cats pose with their snowy creations.

Winter Storm Diego was predicted to make such an impact Weather Channel meteorologist Jim Cantore came to town. Wherever Jim ends up, stuff is about to get real. Several deaths were directly related to the storm which left more than 600,000 people without electricity.

photo courtesy Heather Roberts

Asheville Cat Weirdos began as a small Facebook group for local kitty enthusiasts to share and discuss all things cat. In a town where dogs generally rule, the ACW group is an oasis for those of us who also love our feline companions. At the time of editing this doc, we are at 6,000+ members, and growing!

When Veronica Coit created a community of feline fans two years ago, she had no idea what impact it might have. There’s even an emergency fund set up to help Western North Carolina cat owners with an unexpected emergency or veterinary costs.

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