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When would you need an internal door cat flap? — 4 Comments

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  2. It is an odd looking product. We put a cat flap on the door between the interior of the house and the utility room. It serves more than one purpose: The cat can visit the litter box and the dog cannot. The cat can access his food and the dog cannot. (The dog was NOT happy about the results.) Plus, it allows us to keep the door closed and regulate the temperature inside the house. The utility room does not seem to be well insulated.

  3. This is a curious idea. It seems to be designed for people who don’t like having to
    let their cat in and out of rooms, or are maybe unable to do so

    If it can be locked easily it might be handy for keeping cats separated for whatever reason, but it doesn’t strike me as as useful as a cat door. As it damages doors, it won’t be possible for renters to use either.

    We have screen doors which can be removed easily. Very useful if the cats need to be separated or for keeping them safe inside when deliveries or visitors arrive. Both are FIV+ so extra care is needed.

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