When you truly love a cat what would you do?

Do you love your cat?

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The first example is of a British woman who made a 49 hour round trip to China (11,000 miles and £,1000) to fetch a cat she had befriended while working in Shanghai, China. She was fearful that her cat would been have eaten by the local residents. She worked in China so she knows what it could be like.

The trip included air, sea and rail travel. She was lucky: she discovered that the Dutch airline, KLM, would fly her and her cat to China and back to Amsterdam for £1,000. Her cat’s name is Ouka Douka and is a calico. Her motivating motto was that eternal truth:

“A cat is for life”.

She committed herself to that. Her name: Naiomi Swindlehurst,  aged 42 from Blackburn.

The next story of committed love for her cat comes from America. A lady, Lauren Fanucchi, chased down a coyote who had grabbed her cat, Bandit, in the dark of the night. It was pitch black outside and she prayed to God for help to guide her to follow the route where the coyote had gone. The coyote was running. Lauren was scared. She thought she might run into a bunch of predators and be attacked herself. She pressed on. She was committed to saving her Bandit. She caught up with the coyote and scared the animal enough to drop her cat, who was still alive. Bandit’s jaw was broken. There was a head trauma and other broken bones. She says the vet’s bill is only money. Facebook fans helped financially. Love is greater than money.

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The next story is about “trash-can death to happy life”. How many cats are chucked out with the garbage? By the way, I have just read the story of Chinese woman, Lou Xiaoying, who saved the lives of 30 babies over her lifetime. The babies had been thrown away with the trash, alive, by their parents. This lady deserves praise.

Marisol a cat rescued from the garbageMarisol a cat rescued from the garbage

OK back to trash can kitty…This is a lady, Glorimar Anibarro, whose cats were poisoned by a neighbour; one of those nasty types who deals with cats who stray onto their back yard by killing them. There are quite a few people like that. The woman vowed to not have a cat again, at least for a while, because the loss of her cats had been traumatic.

She was putting out her trash on trash collection day, and low-and-behold, she stepped on a bit of smelly trash amongst all the rest, only it wasn’t trash, it was a kitten still alive but badly undernourished.

When you love cats you cannot ignore that.  Actually if you have any heart at all you have to do something. As you can guess this lady picked up this bit of “smelly garbage” and took her to a vet. The bill? Astronomical. The reward: love in bucket loads from her mischievous new cat Marisol.

When you love a cat you get it back, times ten.

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Michael Broad

Hi, I'm a 74-year-old retired solicitor (attorney in the US). Before qualifying I worked in many jobs including professional photography. I love nature, cats and all animals. I am concerned about their welfare. If you want to read more click here.

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5 Responses

  1. Leah says:

    These are such moving stories. I’m always scared that something may happen to my cats and often I dream that they aren’t safe. The people who moved heaven and earth for these cats are amazing I hope and pray that I never have to run after a wild animal to rescue my cat I would do it but I’m no athlete! Yet there again its amazing what we can do when when face with desperation to rescue a loved family member.

  2. Ruth aka Kattaddorra says:

    It’s so nice to read of good people who move Heaven and Earth to help cats. There must be many stories like these and they put the selfish cruel people of this world to shame!

    • Michael says:

      Ruth, there must be thousands of them. I thought I’d just pick three. They came up with simple searches. But I am not sure know many people know about these people.

  3. Barbara says:

    Sheer courage and bravery, all of those people, to save their cats, and the poor little soul that was in the garbage, I have so much respect for these women, so glad Bandit is doing ok, almost speechless really from watching the video.

  4. Excellent and almost unbelievable true life cat episodes of rescue by their human owners. Michael please try to write an article on millionaires or common people who bestowed their entire wealth or most of their wealth to their pets after their death.I am sure this would make interesting reading as well as understanding the psyche of the benevolent animal philanthropists.I was personally saddened by Michael.Jackson’s character as a pet owner/lover for he abandoned all his “Neverland Zoo” pets to some animal shelters, including the chimp “Bubbles” that made him partly famous.Just being rich or famous does not make a person a good and responsible pet owner and although i am a fan of Michael.Jackson’s music i certainly have my own personal opinions on his lifestyle and pet care responsibilities.

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