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When you truly love a cat what would you do? — 5 Comments

  1. These are such moving stories. I’m always scared that something may happen to my cats and often I dream that they aren’t safe. The people who moved heaven and earth for these cats are amazing I hope and pray that I never have to run after a wild animal to rescue my cat I would do it but I’m no athlete! Yet there again its amazing what we can do when when face with desperation to rescue a loved family member.

  2. It’s so nice to read of good people who move Heaven and Earth to help cats. There must be many stories like these and they put the selfish cruel people of this world to shame!

    • Ruth, there must be thousands of them. I thought I’d just pick three. They came up with simple searches. But I am not sure know many people know about these people.

  3. Sheer courage and bravery, all of those people, to save their cats, and the poor little soul that was in the garbage, I have so much respect for these women, so glad Bandit is doing ok, almost speechless really from watching the video.

  4. Excellent and almost unbelievable true life cat episodes of rescue by their human owners. Michael please try to write an article on millionaires or common people who bestowed their entire wealth or most of their wealth to their pets after their death.I am sure this would make interesting reading as well as understanding the psyche of the benevolent animal philanthropists.I was personally saddened by Michael.Jackson’s character as a pet owner/lover for he abandoned all his “Neverland Zoo” pets to some animal shelters, including the chimp “Bubbles” that made him partly famous.Just being rich or famous does not make a person a good and responsible pet owner and although i am a fan of Michael.Jackson’s music i certainly have my own personal opinions on his lifestyle and pet care responsibilities.

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