When your best friends are lions

You just have to know what you are doing! And you have to have an amazing relationship with these big cats so you know for sure that you are safe. I wonder if he ever thinks about the possibility of it going wrong and the lion forgetting for a second that he is a friend. You know, the lion’s instincts can suddenly rise to the surface and wham. Is there fear in the guy’s head? When I look at the video it’s what is in my head.


He makes an interesting blowing sound into the head of the lion when they greet each other. It must be something that he learned which signals ‘we are friends’ or something like that. He has to be strong too, to support this lion. Lions can weigh up to around 470 pounds.

4 thoughts on “When your best friends are lions”

  1. He’s great. I think he runs a sanctuary.

    He is so good at big cat language, both reading it & doing it himself. I think his mastery means that respect, knowledge & experience, keep fear where it belongs, at bay.

    The lion’s paw is bigger than this chap’s head.

    I wish I had lions as friends.

  2. I have seen him with the lions a lot. He sure seems to not only love them but give them the respect they are do. They in turn respect him and trust him. Just incrediable!


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