When Your Cat Asks To Be Cuddled

The video is entitled “Please Cuddle The Cat” but I would call it “Cats Asks To Be Cuddled”. That’s what is looks like to me most of the time.


It is so apparent that these cats love their moments of contact with their human caretaker/guardian so much that they want more of it. I have seen a part of this video before as it is a compilation and probably the best compilation of cats requesting contact with their human. The third cat in the video makes the most obvious request for a cuddle and actually performs it to tell his human what he wants. That’s the way I read his actions.

Cats love contact. You must have experienced it: your cat is on your lap or on your bed with you and he reaches out with his paw and gently touches your hand. Voilà, he needs that direct contact. How many people recognise this? I am sure a lot of caretakers let it pass without realising the significance.

This morning I wrote about cat massage. If a cat accepts it, and most will accept at least a reduced version of feline therapeutic massage, he’ll enjoy it because he likes the contact. Obviously we have to take into account the cat’s personality. Some cats are not so fond of contact but by-and-large domestic cats need it and really like it.

We should, therefore, make a point of initiating contact with our cat whenever suitable. A time when it might be unsuitable is when he comes in from being outside and carries with him his wild side. Indoor/outdoor cats do have this switch which is flicked when they venture out. The wild ancestor comes to the fore and this ancient character trait is put away when snoozing in the warmth of the home but it can take a little while to subdue the wild ancestor lurking in the soul of the domestic cat. Once subdued, that is the moment to reinforce the relationship and the time when your cat might ask for a cuddle and if he doesn’t give him one anyway.

P.S. I hope the video stays around for a while. I fear it might be deleted as these days lots of videos are copied from YouTube and presented and the copier’s own work. It ain’t and then YouTube gets wind of it and at the end the day deletes it.

3 thoughts on “When Your Cat Asks To Be Cuddled”

  1. Michael, as I have stated, I am constantly touching/pestering my cats. If I don’t do it often enough, they DO let me know. They are very demanding with Mom! They love her touch and her love for them. I especially get this greatly at sleeping time!!I truly love my little *kids* — and I talk with them as well. . . ♥♥♥

    • PS. my *kids* do a lot of these same antics that the kities do in the video — love this video!! ♥♥♥

  2. Awesome and so sweet*
    Cats often attempt to carry out what they want their humans to do.Body language , temperament, staring into their humans eyes, head bunts and side rubs are all a part of this-& even when they are motionless but touching their tails against their humans, cats are very much making an endearing contact with the ones they love and trust and asking for reciprocation. I Love my cats.

    Eva say’s


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