Where can I get cats for my pet store in Pakistan?

by Shakeel
(Karachi , Pakistan)

Golden Beach Karachi - Photo by AHMED...(Flickr)

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Golden Beach Karachi - Photo by AHMED...(Flickr)

Hi...I saw your Web & I found nice collection of pics. Can you advice me from I can buy these Cats. I have a Pet Store & I regularly have customer of Cats. Plz advice. Regards,




Hi Shakeel... Firstly, thanks for visiting and asking. It is great to hear from people from far away places such as Pakistan. You have a very nice website.

There are several "problems" with your request for information, however.

The first is that there is a different culture in the UK, Europe and indeed the USA about what is acceptable in regards to pet shops and animals for sale.

It is not considered acceptable to sell cats in pet shops in these countries and communities. And I am referring to random bred cats, not purebred cats, which are the cats that you refer to. However, that is not to say that it doesn't happen because it does and quite a lot. So please don't take what I have said the wrong way. I am not criticizing your business just trying to explain the overall situation as the source of purebred cats for you might be in the west.

As for purebred cats you will never see these for sale in a pet shop in these counties. There is one interesting exception and that is the Savannah Cat Shoppe in California, USA that sells the highest quality Savannah cats. But this is not a conventional pet shop as people think of it. It is a high quality establishment that allows people to meet the cats.

As the culture regarding animals as pets and indeed wild animals is different between our countries it is hard for me to advise.

I suppose if I am to be completely fair, there is no reason why you should or could not follow the example of the owners of the Savannah Cat Shoppe, Lee and Kimberly Draper, who are the founders of Bella Gattini Cattery(new window). You might even like to contact them.

The only people who sell purebred cats to the public are cat breeders involved in the breed in question and it is a one to one contract. Nearly all purebred cat breeders are small "hobby businesses". They do not have shops or stores but work from their homes.

Some cat breeders do sell to people abroad and ship cats abroad too. This is normally to sell a cat to another breeder. But sometimes it is to a client who wants a pet.

In conclusion and in answer to your question:

If you had a cat shop (super high class along the lines of the Savannah Cat Shoppe) it is possible that a breeder in the USA or UK would sell the sort of cat that you see on this website to you but that decision is obviously one for each individual breeder.

I would therefore contact some breeders or cat associations in the West or more local to you, say Indonesia where there is a cat fancy and where the are breeders. You will also find purebred cat breeders in Australia for example.

You made your submission on the Siamese cat page so you might be thinking of Siamese cats. There are cat clubs that specialise in the Siamese cat and they are all over the world but quite rare in Asia. My feelings are that the Persian is the most common purebred cat in Asia.

In fact one of the regular visitors to this website keeps two Persian purebred cats and he lives in Mumbai, India. You can see one of his articles here: Mumbai Traditional Persian Cat. If you leave a comment on his page he may contact you.

I wrote an article about the Cat Fancy in Asia, which may help as it contains links to associations in countries that are nearer to Pakistan. By the way, you may not be familiar with the word, "cat fancy". It means the body of people who are involved with breeding and showing purebred cats.

However, please be aware of this... As I mentioned above, the concept of selling "pets" such as monkeys and rare birds in a pet shop is not thought of as acceptable by many people in the UK, USA and Europe so you might well get some hostile comments I am afraid. Sorry but this is a forum type environment where people can comment and sometimes people have strong feelings! They will, though, always be polite.

Thanks though for visiting PoC and asking. I hope this helps.

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Where can I get cats for my pet store in Pakistan?

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May 24, 2010
by: Hina

hey! well that was a detailed answer.. i just loved your site.. amazing cats ..as being Pakistani i came up with another lil query i'm a biggest feline lover and i own a Persian doll face tabby.. i'm just wondering that 4rm where i can buy a Bangal cat or Main Coon cats in Pakistan 4 my own interest.. or can u suggest any breeder who can export me any of these kinds here in Pakistan.

Mar 01, 2010
Around the World
by: Finn Frode, Denmark

As always a very nice, ballanced and well written comment from Michael.
Conditions differ around the World and sometimes we here in Europe and North America are faced with customs that seem quite strange to us. But before we get on the high horse, maybe we should take a closer look at the way animals are treated in our own countries. Not all is well to say the least...

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