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Where does the kodkod live?

Kodkod. Picture in public domain

The map below shows you where the kodkod lives. If you click on the blue flags you can see the sort of landscape in which the kodkod lives. You can also zoom the map out to see the surrounding area.


The name of this small wild cat species is strange. I am sure that most people have never heard of the cat. The word ‘kodkod’ comes from the Araucanian Indian name for this cat. In Chile and Argentina the kodkod is commonly called guiña. The species is closely linked to another small wild cat, Geoffroy’s cat.

Where found

Chile and Argentina (the extreme west).


5,980-92,092 per the IUCN Red List. The numbers are decreasing which is typical of all wild cat species. Numbers are date sensitive.


Shrubland and forest. They are forest dwellers. They occupy both slopes of the southern Andes mountains at below 2,000 meters.


The kodkod is rare in Argentina and endangered in the agricultural land of central Chile because of the destruction of woodland habitat and hunting.

Climber and terrestrial

The kodkod is a terrestrial hunter (on the ground rather than in trees) although it is an excellent climber. They hunt rodents, lizards and birds such as the Austral thrush and Southern lapwing. They also eat livestock such as chickens.


At 2002 there were no kodkods in North American zoos. I don’t have information on how they behave in captivity.

Scientific name

Oncifelis guigna(Molina 1782)


Please click on this link to read much more about this small wild cat.

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