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Where does the snow leopard live in india?

The snow leopard lives in the far north of India in relatively small areas of the country and in the states of Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Sikkim and Arunachal Pradesh as shown on the map below:

Snow leopard in India

The annotations on the map are made by PoC. The distribution of the snow leopard marked in gold is from the IUCN Red List. They are charged with the duty of knowing the current range of the wild cats and many other species of flora and fauna. The snow leopard is barely in India but it definitely is there as at May 2020. The date is important because the range of this cat may well shrink over the forthcoming years. Perhaps one day it will no longer be in India. Although that is unlikely as they are protected by their remoteness. Where people can’t occupy a place wild animals are protected. It is only people who threaten the wild cat species and their existence in the wild.

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