‘Wherever I take my cat is my home’ – Dean Nicholson – 1bike1world

This is a magical human-cat relationship on a magic carpet ride journey through Europe and thence to the rest of the world. If you are the type who likes cats and dislikes the idea of living a conventional life, you’ll be charmed by this story.

Dean and Nala - 1bike1world
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Dean and Nala. Photo: Dean on Instagram.

Dean Nicholson, 30, is on a round the world road trip. When passing through Bosnia he heard a meow and spotted a stray, tabby, female five-week-old kitten. He adopted her and called her Nala after a character in The Lion King. Dean says that Nala was ‘so young, so tiny – but so friendly too’. In adopting her at such a young age they have formed a close bond. I think she has imprinted on him and sees him as her parent.

Dean and Nala

Dean and Nala. Photo: Dean.

He also says that Nala has changed his life. She has also made both of them famous on the internet. People love this sort of relationship. It captures the imagination as a lot of people dream about doing something like this.

Dean and Nala

Dean and Nala who is one of those cats who takes it all in her stride. Photo: Dean.

Dean has successfully recorded his travels with Nala. He is doing a nice job of it. The photos are excellent and technically of good quality and there are lots of them on Instagram. The videos are charming too. According to The Sunday Times (Feb 9, 2020) They have travelled through eight countries. I am not sure where they have got to. Eleven months ago they were in Greece because this video was made there. The most recent Instagram photo is from Pirot, Serbia. I wonder if Dean is staying in Europe and adjoining countries? I don’t know.


Dean resigned his job in Dunbar, East Lothian to embark on the trip. He says that his decision was made to avoid going down the wrong path in life.

This wee cat has completely changed my life

That’s what cats can do to you.

Dean and Nala question time

Dean and Nala question time. Image: Dean.


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  1. Albert Schepis says:

    I do love this. Safety is the first concern of course, but I think it is probably the best thing a man and his cat could ever do, to embark on such an adventure. That he shares it with the world makes it and our lives better too. Thank you Dean!

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