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Which cat breed is the laziest? — 2 Comments

  1. Michael, when I read the title to this article, my first choice for *laziest* cat was the Persian. . . I have read this on many articles and read it in many cat magazines that the Persian, is, in fact, the laziest breed. . . maybe it is the long hair — LOL!! I have a Maine Coon mix who is quite lazy!! I get her fur trimmed about every 8 to 9 months because it mats so easily. I also have a bengal mix, who, along with her *husband*, Vegeta (one of my polys and an Oriental mix), are very active!! Another thing I take into consideration for laziness is age. It seems the older the cat, the lazier he/she tends to be. . .great article!! BTW, the image is great on my end. . . ♥♥♥

    • Diane, you have first-hand experience of what this chart states so your comment is extremely useful. Although that said, by now, with the Internet and the education that that brings, most people realise that Persians are lazy (or less active) and the wildcat hybrids are the most active. Also Siamese cats are known to be active as well so I’m not sure the chart tells is anything new but it is quite nice to see the information presented like that.

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