Whistle trained cats come running from catio

There are two things about this video which impress me. Firstly, the catio is awesome. I am a great believer in, and fan of cat catios. In this instance there is a passageway from the catio to the house and the lady in the house, Samantha, blows a whistle when she wants to bring them in for, I presume, feeding. You can see the reaction inside the catio in this video – manic. She has “whistle trained” them as she calls it. It’s not that different to calling your cat with your voice but a whistle is a sharper and cleaner sound. It is a sound that is more memorable and precise and therefore easier to train a cat to respond to a whistle than a voice. I might try it myself. My cat wander to a house about 100 yards away. He likes prawns. I have the means to get him back with whislte training!

Please remember that over time videos such as this one will disappear. I’m sorry for that but it will happen because it is an embedded video from Twitter and eventually somebody will remove the video on Twitter perhaps in a few years time and there will be a black hole on this page where the video once was.


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