White-and-black cat with remarkably large and even spots

I am unsure if this is a genuine cat. It looks like it because the black spots are made of fur which is slightly longer than the white fur. It is as if it is embossed onto the body. I have seen this before with Bengal cats when the dark markings are raised above the background colour. The trouble nowadays is that photo-editing has become very sophisticated which makes is difficult to distinguish the fake from the genuine. I’ll take it that this is genuine for the time being until someone corrects me.

Black-and-white cat with remarkable large spotted coat
Black-and-white cat with remarkable large spotted coat. Photo in public domain.
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This is probably a white-and-black cat as the predominant colour is white (just, when including the undersides). You hardly ever see cat coats described as white-and-black. They are bicolour coats (two colours). Technically the cat is probably black and the presence of the piebald gene (white spotting gene) has interfered with the spread of the black fur during the development of the cat as an embryo and created some colourless fur which presents as white.

Piebald coated cats are graded by the amount of white fur relative to the amount of solid colour. This is about 50/50 so I’d expect the grade to be about 5. This is a ‘medium grade’ white spotting.

This cat is a moggy (random bred cat). To be clear this is not a purebred cat of a certain breed. That does not make the cat any less valuable in terms of human responsibility for her welfare. This coat is very unusual.

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