White Cat Breeds

There are no white cat breeds, meaning cat breeds that must have an entirely white coat according to the breed standard….Correction, there is one rare breed called the Khao Manee.

There are cat breeds that have to be grey for example but these are exceptions. Most cat breeds are seen in a wide range of colors and patterns. The exceptions other than the grey cat breeds are (1) the pointed cats – Siamese and Ragdoll for example (2) the sole black cat breed, the Bombay and (3) the spotted cats – Egyptian Mau and Bengal for example.

Which cat breeds look particularly good all white? Four pictures of an all white cat from four different cat breeds come to mind.

Oriental Shorthair

The Oriental Shorthair is an elegant, slender cat of the Siamese stable of cats. It is a contemporary Siamese cat in a multitude of coat types. Below is a white Oriental Shorthair whose name is “Icy” that is now quite well known as the picture comes up in a Google search:

White Oriental Shorthair cat
Photo ©copyright Helmi Flick all rights reserved.
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In complete contrast the Persian can be all-white too under the breed standard. Below is a another well known picture of a white cat. His name is Yeri. A cattery was named after him because he was special. He was a traditional Persian.

White traditional Persian cat
Photo: copyright Dani

Maine Coon

The breed standard for the Maine Coon is very generous in terms of coat type and color. You often see beautiful tabby and white Maine Coons but you will not see a more beautiful cat than the all white Maine Coon below, who incidentally, is deaf.

White Maine Coon cat
Photo © Helmi Flick – all rights reserved.

Norwegian Forest Cat

An all white NFC looks superb, I think you will agree:

White Norwegian Forest Cat
Photo: ©noeoracio

Of all the cat breeds, I think you are most likely to see white Persians. They look very comfortable being white! I have seen more white Persians than any other breed. In my experience of searching for pictures of cats, white Maine Coons are rare as are white Norwegian Forest Cats.

Another cat breed that is commonly white is the Turkish Angora. In fact, in Turkey, the Turkish prefer the all-white Angora with odd-eye color (blue/yellow). See a fine white Turkish Angora picture.

White cat breeds — Note: White cats can be deaf and have odd-eye color as the gene that makes that cat’s fur white can affect the pigmentation (melanin) in the iris of the eye and mechanism of hearing.

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