White Cat Escapes Attacking Dog With Impressive Jump

This video amply illustrates the power of the domestic cat’s jump and its usefulness in times of emergency.

Cat escapes dogs
Cat escapes dogs
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The dog owner appears to giggle when the cat is chased and escapes. Typical of an ignorant and insensitive person. This is not funny. The cat was genuinely in fear of his/her life hence the massive jump. I think the cat was trying to jump onto the building adjacent to the fence but failed to make it, landed on the ground and ran off.

The general feeling by viewers of the video on YouTube is that the dog owner behaved badly in firstly letting one of his dogs chase the cat and then giggling when the cat leaps up and over the fence, then misjudging the second part of the escape.

One person commented:

“The guy’s laugh creeped me out…”

This is not funny in truth. Clearly I am not the only person who fails to see the funny side of this video. A lot of cats are chased and quickly killed by marauding dogs. The video was made in the USA it seems judging by the landscape and the building. I believe it is Florida as one person who commented wrote:

“Typical subhuman Floridian mutant, wanted his stupid redneck scum dogs to kill a cat so he started filming and opened the door.”

That’s a bit extreme but the dog owner does appear to be the person who filmed it or someone who is with the dog owner. It was suggested by Mr Heems another person who commented that the dog owner wanted to see his dogs attack the cat. It looks like that. I don’t think that attitude is uncommon to be frank.

“That guy wanted to watch his dogs kill a cat….”

The person who uploaded the video describes it incorrectly when he writes:

Cat escapes playful dog by jumping over a tall fence.

I don’t believe, as mentioned, that this was a playful dog. Far from it.

What’s your assessment of the dog owner’s attitude and behavior?

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4 thoughts on “White Cat Escapes Attacking Dog With Impressive Jump”

  1. I first saw this video a couple of weeks ago on Cats of Google+. While I found it very impressive that the cat jumped that high, I was also bothered by the fact that some moron was recording it. To me it looked like a failed attempt of a “canned kill” at the expense of the cats life. That video disturbs me.

  2. Not anywhere near as amused as the idiot filming.
    No compassionate person would let dogs loose upon seeing a cat nearby.
    Some “dog people” are just freaks and sadistic.

  3. Michael_

    This video is highly upsetting; but shows the total lack of compassion of the man who watched, recorded and even anticipated the chase and possible attack and death-kill scenario he set up for this helpless cat. those dogs were sicked on that cat !! hence the laughter.

    Eva Say’s_


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