White Devon Rex and Black Peterbald create heart shape

This is an arresting cat photograph. You know how two cats who are very close occasionally create a heart shape with their tails or bodies or both. You don’t see it very often and you don’t see a picture like this very often because both these cats are pretty rare and they are in contrasting colors.

White Devon Rex and Dark Sphynx create heart shape
Photo in public domain
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I am wondering if the Devon Rex is albino. I don’t think so. I have guessed that the cat on the left is a Devon Rex. Someone might correct me. Other than appearance, another reason why the cat on the left is a Devon Rex is because this breed can have thin hair. Their whiskers are brittle and thin. The cat on the right, the Peterbald, is semi-hairless and therefore my guess is that one person owns both these cats and that person likes hairless cats. I have also guessed that the cat on the right is a Peterbald; a rare cat breed. I have stuck my neck out because in this sort of photo, the Peterbald and Sphynx look very similar.

Devon Rex Cat

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