White Maine Coon

White Maine Coon

by Michael
(London, UK)

Do you want to see a white Maine Coon? Quite a lot of people do and I have the best photograph of one. It is, of course, the work of Helmi Flick, probably the best cat photographer anywhere and it is as I recall one of the first cat photographs that she took – what a start!

white Maine Coon cat

This is a very well known photograph. What is a interesting for me from a photographic point of view is that Helmi no longer or rarely creates a background as you see in this photograph.

There is a really nice fading off from black to deep blue. These days Helmi uses a coloured background and lights it so that there is shading in the background around the cat but not a fading off from foreground to background. See her set up at a cat show: Cat photography with Ken and Helmi Flick (opens in a new window).

If you would like to read about what makes a white cat white, I have a post on that here: Cat Coats White (opens in a new window).

The Maine Coon has an infinite number of coat colours as the associations allow “all colors” in all divisions.

Most early Maine Coon cats were brown tabbies (see below) and development of the breed led to additional colours such as the smoke – see a black smoke Maine Coon that lives with Helmi and Ken Flick.

Brown classic tabby Maine Coon cat
Photo strictly copyright Helmi Flick

I hope you enjoy this stunning white Maine Coon cat, simply oozing class.

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White Maine Coon

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Jan 24, 2011 I love the picture
by: Leah (UK)

Hi Micheal

I love the pictures I didn’t know there was such a colour as White in the breed. My Oz is Black and there aren’t many Black Maine Coons either.

I really like the Tabby Picture as well especially that broad muzzle!

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