Pictures Of White Persian Kittens

Tinkerbelle and Peter Pan - photo copyright Helmi Flick
Tinkerbelle and Peter Pan – photo copyright Helmi Flick
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Here is a series of some really nice pictures of white Persian kittens and ‘young cats’ (not quite kittens but definitely all-white). Above, heading the page we have Tinkerbelle and Peter Pan. Yep, I know, totally scrumptious. Then in the middle of the page, below Cristalline, we have SnowBelle.

Lets remind ourselves, that the genes that create an all white cat can lead to a deaf cat and can lead to an odd eyed cat. Also the flat faced Persian (sometimes called the Ultra Type Persian because the “type” or appearance is extreme) can have health problems not associated with the traditional Persian cat.

Here is a picture of a beautiful traditional (called a “doll face” in the cat fancy) Persian cat living with Dani Rozeboom in the Netherlands. The picture is taken from the Persian Cat Rescue UK page:

Persian cat
Cristalline – photo by Dani

Here is another photo of her also by Dani who bred her:

Picture of white Persian kitten Cristalline
Picture of white Persian kitten Cristalline

OK back to the contemporary appearance. Here is a picture of Snowbelle:

white Persian kitten
Photo of SnowBelle copyright Helmi Flick

I referred to health issues above. For the extreme look, flat faced Persian, one outstanding issues is tear duct overflow causing staining on the face. This will no doubt be more apparent on white Persian kittens. I don’t want to be a kill joy but these sorts of things need to be aired before adopting. All that said, they are adorable.

One last point, you might like to read about the genetics behind white cats, which can be seen here: Cat Coats White. White cats are not necessarily albino cats. Albino cats are rare and also white but different genes are at work. You can see a white albino Siamese if you like.

Here is a near all-white Persian cat with a top hat:

White Persian cat with a black fur marking in shape of top hat.
Top Hat Kitten. Photo in public domain.

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