White Wolf – My Feral Cat

White Wolf – My Feral Cat


My young kitten, Felix, ran away in August last year. I still think someone took him. I got a call one afternoon from a neighbour saying that they had found Felix but it wasn’t him – it was a feral cat. I love cats so I took him home and now he is tame and friendly like a normal cat and I love him so much. I have named him Wolf.

Admin: Thanks for sharing this. My love to Wolf. I changed the text to lower case. Hope that was OK.

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White Wolf – My Feral Cat

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Jan 01, 2010 Cats choose their owners
by: Julie

We think we choose them but they choose us. I have had two feral cats that refused to be indoor cats.
My departed siamese Cao was obducted once. when we were selling our last house;a couple with children fawned over her.When they left;cao was gone. I searched for her for three days . She was returned. Leave no stone unturnned! we had here for nineteen years. i don’t know how long siamese are supose to live. my Aunt Doris had a siamese named Jellybean who lived 30. She had to take insulin shots. I guess we know how she got her name? Stealing a cat is like stealing a child! I hope you get your cat back soon.

May 28, 2009 Good for you
by: Caroline

Getting Wolf will help you get over losing Felix so taking him in was good. Domesticating a feral cat is hard and you should be proud of yourself for doing the right thing and taking him in.

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