Who likes cats in One Direction?

Harry Styles of the pop boy band One Direction likes cats we are told. He’s the most popular member of the band isn’t he? The source for the answer comes from Emily on Yahoo answers and wtp3 on fanpop.com. I am unable to find any pictures of Harry with a cat. Neither are there any videos which support this.

Harry Styles of boy band One Direction
Harry Styles of boy band One Direction
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There is an interesting connection with cats however. His former girlfriend (October 2012 to January 2013) was Taylor Swift and she is obsessed with cats. I guess that supports the idea (fact?) that Harry Styles likes cats. Or did the idea come from the fact that he was the boyfriend of a women who loves cats?

I have searched high and low for some hard information which further supports the idea that Harry likes cats without success. Neither could I find information on whether his mother Anne Cox likes and looks after a cat. That would seem to be likely if he likes cats.

If Harry does like cats which is quite plausible then I’d very much doubt he “owns” a cat because of all the travelling he has to do but I could be wrong.

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  1. I know who One direction is but i really dont honestly Care about the band, Im sure if taylor likes Cats its got to be a good thing. they are very young well my neice doesnt even like them. I guess as long as cats are respected and not hurt or injured.


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