Who trains whom?

Who trains whom?

My Mum has a 7 year old Siamese named Skeeter. When he was younger, we also had a tuxedo tabby who loved to go out and prowl the garden.

Skeeter wanted to go out with his “big brother” , so we trained him to wear a harness and attached a lead to a clothesline in the backyard.

Now, when he wants out, he hops up on a tin by the back door and yowls to be let out. A few times, when my Mum has been in the backyard and forgets to lock the screen door, Skeeter has let himself out to go see what she is doing.

Sometimes, Skeeter likes to go for a walk down the block. Our neighbours laugh to see a cat walking on a leash just like a dog. The only difference is, you can’t tell a Siamese when to move on. He won’t walk to the next house until he’s good and ready!

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Who trains whom?

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Jul 24, 2009
by: kathy

Where i live there are many feral cats. my cat who is a Bengal always watches them. One night i brought him outside to sit on my lap while we had a bonfire. he was so busy watching all the shadows and some of the feral cats were out there. he was content to sit on my lap for about three hours. then the next day he bolted out the door to go out. so we got him a leash and a harness. now he can walk around but i go with him. i let him go where he wants and it only took one day for him to decide to get walking because at first he didn’t like the harness. but now he loves it. you can’t take chances and i know he’s not street smart like some cats. i also put flea spot on him to guard against fleas

Jul 23, 2009
Who trains who?
by: Rudolph.A.Furtado

“Among pet animals, a human can own a dog but a cat owns a human”?

Jul 23, 2009
Cat train human
by: Anonymous

I think that in the most harmonious households where cat lives with human, the cat trains human 70% of the time and human trains cat 30% of the time!

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