Whole, dead, baby birds packaged as cat food in China imported into America

DULLES INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT, CHANTILLY, VA – OPINION/NEWS: This is a strange cat story. I provides people in the West with an insight into commercially available cat food in the East, in this case China.

Dead baby birds are cat food in China
Dead baby birds are cat food in China
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A plane flew to Dulles International Airport from Beijing, China with a package of what appears to be dead, baby birds in the luggage of one of the passengers. The package indicates that this is a form of cat food available in China. The passenger was travelling to Maryland. They admitted that the package contained cat food and as you can see there are pictures of a cat and a dog on it.

Dead baby birds are commercial cat food in China
Dead baby birds are commercial cat food in China

Agents of US Customs and Border Protection seized the cat food because it poises a risk to humans and animals in America as it might contain an infectious disease such as avian influenza.

Personally, the concerning (should it be concerning?) aspect of the story is that it appears that in China this sort of ‘pet product’ is not unusual. This appears to be what commercial pet food suppliers in China consider to be an acceptable product. It is what would be described as ‘raw cat food’ of a sort. I am not sure how they were kept fresh.

The existence of the package begs the question as to where the birds came from? Are they being bred and slaughtered in great numbers? We have no idea but it looks gruesome and bizarre to me. What do you think?

Finally, it is strange that the passenger decided to import the package. Why? Was it intended to be cat food and why shun the huge variety of American cat food products? The story comes from ABC7 News.


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