Whole Rat Removed from Flame Point Siamese Cat’s Stomach

This is a sad cat story really. Rosie must have been very hungry to have swallowed a rat whole. Despite living with her previous owners since she was a kitten she had left her home about five months ago because she had not got on with the other cat. I presume the owners adopted a second cat and Rosie was so upset she decided to leave the security of her home to become a stray cat.

On December 2nd she turned up on someone’s doorstep. She had a distended belly. It seems the person called the RSCPA and they took her in for an X-ray. The RSPCA were surprised that she was microchipped. They were able to talk to Rosie’s owners.

X-rays indicated a whole rat was in her stomach. It was removed as can be seen in the photo above from North News.

The owners decided that it was best for Rosie if she was rehomed. She is currently up for adoption. The story takes place in Strensall, Yorkshire. If you want to adopt her, find the nearest RSPCA office to this town and make inquiries.

Rosie, a flame point Siamese of traditional conformation. Photo: North News.

The vet who operated is Ian Faux. It is shame that Rosie was lost to the original owners. She had lived with them since being a kitten. The lesson is that you should be very careful if you are going to introduce a new cat into a household where there is an existing cat. Rosie was the big loser in this story. I hope she finds an excellent home.

She is a traditional flame point Siamese cat, incidentally. These are very desirable and not that common. Someone will adopt a very nice cat.

Source: Metro.com.

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2 thoughts on “Whole Rat Removed from Flame Point Siamese Cat’s Stomach”

  1. I think that having a cat or a dog, for that matter, means an extended way of thinking and perceiving, beyond our immediate impulses. This is probably not the norm in pet ownership, or even with guardians/parents of children.

    Many people don’t stop to ask “How will this impact my fur family? Or “How will this decision affect my life?”

    So many pets are relinguished because of guardians’ poor decsion making. I’m glad that Rosie was saved, and will find a new and loving, responsible guardian.


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