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Who’s going to replace Grumpy Cat? — 2 Comments

  1. People are easily amused and have a hunger to be amused. That’s always been a problem with society in general. If cat food companies, etc want to capitalize on a funny looking animal and shower it’s owner with tons of money for photo ops, you can’t blame the owner for accepting it. To twist it around and blame the owner for that, say it’s just wrong and accuse her of possibly exposing the animal to excessive attention resulting in stress, is as I’ve said speculative and unfair. Saying stuff like “It’s because she doesn’t want to work” is bending over backwards to be mean. She didn’t pursue it, it was an accident and the notoriety was dumped on her. She won a lottery and we seem to hate people who do that. The airwaves are full of people trying desperately to be famous in order to hopefully cash in on it, but they are celebrated! To say let’s just make sure the animal is well cared for is fine, but all the moral outrage is over the top and amazingly two-faced considering the internet is mostly populated by amusing cat memes and videos that we all watch. Cats are probably the number one attraction. It’s people who are enthralled by funny-looking animals AND people for that matter. They love a freak show, from Grumpy cat to deformed kids on TV stumping for organizations like The Shriners to the dangerous moron we have for a president. I personally might go out of my way to show that a cat I happened to have who became famous was also well cared for, but an absence of that doesn’t automatically mean it isn’t. I’ve spent well over $100,000 on my pets but I don’t post all that or my yearly tax returns. Actually I did when I opened a gofundme account and was faced with losing my home. And if I were a public official I would, but that should go without saying.

    • Also, and Michael you probably know, doesn’t one have to protect copy right material by monetizing it? And if you don’t, someone else will?

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