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Whose Companion Cat Are You Dissecting At School Today? — 12 Comments

  1. How’s that can of “Fancy Feast” cat food working out for everyone? Chock-full of dissected chickens, dissected fish, dissected pork, beef, or veal.

    Yum yum! You love to pay others to dissect animals for you and even your cats sure do love dissecting things! What’s good for every other animal is just as good for cats!

  2. After so many years, why would any science labs still be doing this?
    This is the age of animation and simulation.
    Why not a cadaviar? Realistic and already dead. Not a cat that has to be killed.

      • This really makes kids see cats as objects.

        When I was at school it was catfish and frogs we had to chop up.

        I refused and got an official caution (3 of those and you were expelled) so luckily it didn’t happen again or I would have been changing schools pretty quick.

        Interestingly they had a pickled human baby in a bottle, amongst hundreds of other pickled unborn baby, and that didn’t really bother me but it bothered alot of people because they thought the baby was a person who could see and feel etc. Weird stuff goes on in the name of science.

  3. Sorry i really cant read this, I’m disgusted this even happens!! Whats wrong with people? This is just teaching Cruelty, The only thing we had a school was frogs which was bad enough.

  4. Can hardly bear to think or read about it, I was never required to cut anything up at school not even a frog and if I had been I too would have refused come a caning, suspension or even under threat of being expelled I would still have refused, I was an RSPCA Junior Animal Defender then and still am all these years later though now I’m a self motivated senior animal defender. The thought of it makes me feel physically ill.

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