Why a pandemic like Covid-19 is more likely to occur today

This is my infographic explaining why I believe the current pandemic which started as an animal virus is more likely to happen now, in the 21st century than say 50 years ago. It turns on bushmeat, zoonosis and a rapidly increasing human population. Bushmeat (eating wild animals) happens a lot in Africa and China. This pandemic started in China. I wonder if there is a fear that another might start in Africa in the near future. Humans can’t go abusing nature.

Why a pandemic like the current one is more likely to occur today. Infographic: PoC.
Why a pandemic like the current one is more likely to occur today. Infographic: PoC.
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A Hong Kong artist Karen Tok has been criticised online for supporting the Shenzhen ban on cat and dog meat. The critics say it is no different to livestock meat or eating pigeons.

Well it is different because the cat and dog meat business is drowning in animal cruelty because it is largely or totally unregulated by law which means that the animals are slaughtered brutally and in a grossly inhumane way.

Also the unwritten contract between domestic cats and dogs does NOT have a clause which allows humans to eat them having brutalised them. The latter point is probably beyond the comprehension of supporters of cat and dog meat.

As for pigeons, if they are killed in way which causes pain as is the case with cats and dogs that too should be banned. It is about animal cruelty which is causing unnecessary pain. And this is about being civilised. Humans categorically cannot claim to be civilised in 2020.

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