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Why Animal Advocates Can Overreact To Animal Abuse — 6 Comments

  1. I agree. Death threats make animal advocates look like crazy people and totally defeat the cause they are trying to promote and no one will take it seriously after that. It is much easier to sit behind a computer and type than it is to organize and participate in a legal and peaceful demonstration in front of the facility or gather signatures on a petition for tougher laws on abuse and tighter scrutiny and punishment for abusive vets and their staff. That all takes time and effort and not being hidden behind a screen. But that is what is needed for advocates to be taken seriously as an intelligent, rational group. It is an emotional issue for advocates but acting like vigilantes will just get ridicule and yes possible legal action. This is exactly what happened to Christian Fundamentalists who bombed abortion clinics.

  2. Regardless of how cold and callous the staff is at the Lazy 5 clinic, or any other clinic for that matter, their behavior does not justify anyone making death threats. Nothing will be solved or settled that way. Nothing can undo what was done. The only way to get any sort of justice is through legal proceedings.

    But my heart goes out to all of the pet guardians who suffer the loss of their pets.

  3. Many of us who feel compassion for animals have extremely deep feelings, and I would say not just for animals but for injustice overall. The crucial factor is that animals are innocent souls. I cannot bear to see them suffer. In my opinion injustice to an innocent soul is the highest form of cruelty.

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