Why are black cats unpopular?

You don't like me?  - Charlie

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You don't like me? - Charlie

Black cats are unpopular because they have plain, dark, coats and they look sinister and they bring bad luck. Shall I go on? Witches' familiars. Superstition. Oh, I forgot that black cat bring good luck in some countries and places. No idea where though. It's just superstition and nonsense but it means that the black cat gets left behind at cat shelters. Especially the older ones.

I think it is wrong. That is partly why I have two black cats - LOL.

Well, in fact, one is tuxedo - black with a locket of white. She's Binnie. My big black boy is huge. He'd be huge even if he wasn't overweight.

Does the unpopularity of the black cat tell us that a lot of people adopt cats for their appearance. My sister does but I won't travel down that route.

And if a lot of people adopt a cat for his or her appearance is that a good thing? I don't think it is but I am open to alternative ideas.

Are people who are more inclined to place the appearance of a cat over everything else more inclined to declaw their cat as they place a high value on the appearance of their furniture and the interior of their home?

It seems to me that the cult of appearance is aligned to the cult of celebrity and both work against the domestic and wild cats.

The better looking a wild cat is the more likely it is to be shot. The worse looking a domestic cat is the more likely it is to be killed at a shelter. Strange that.

By contrast is it fair comment to say that the calico cat (tortoiseshell and white coat) is becoming more popular. This cat that is not a cat breed, has a coat that is possibly the best of all cat coats. Do you live with a calico cat and if so why!?

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Why are black cats unpopular?

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Apr 24, 2012
Thank You NEW
by: Anonymous

I am doing a school research paper and wanted to thank you for your information on black cats. I also felt urged to tell you that I have a calico cat. But I didn't choose her at all and if I had, it would have been for her personality, she is mine because she was free and my mom picked her instead of her siblings because she was the friendliest.

Oct 27, 2011
So Many Myths
by: Kelly

There was once a time when black cats were revered. We all know that in ancient Egypt, the cat was viewed as the greatest of all creatures...and the black cat even more so. It was said to own a black cat was a blessing. Druids and pagans believed the black cat to have healing powers. Midwives of the day would have a black cat in the room when they delivered a baby because it was believed that the cat would never allow a stillbirth. It is probably because of these beliefs that Christians later turned it around ( as they are want to do) by saying black cats are evil.

It is probably noteworthy to add that harming a black cat was punishable by death. (usually beheading..yuck!)

Oct 17, 2011
every color
by: Elisa

I seem to have cats of every color and color has nothing to do with personality. My black cats are snugglbugs. Of my 3 white cats one isn't very people friendly. My tabbies are all friendly. Except for Samantha. She hates cats. My calicos are with me simply because they needed me at the time. They are all very loving. Especially Mandy, who loves me more than any of my cats. I've chosen my cats more by a desperate look in their eyes rather than coat color. So far I've been right in saving them based on that alone.

Oct 13, 2011
Colour doesn't matter to true cat lovers
by: Ruth

Charlie I love you !
I love ALL cats no matter what colour.
A black cat saved my late mother's sanity.
My dad died suddenly at only 55 years of age and my mam was ill with the shock. I was working at the local vets at the time and someone brought in a little all black kitten to be PTS. She was covered in candy floss. The person said she'd found her but it looked to me as if she had been used as a kid's toy.
My mam had longed for a cat all her married life but dad hated cats(so he said, but I think he was one of those men who think to admit liking cats makes them feel unmanly) so I took her home.
She named her Kitty and they bonded immediately and had many happy years.
When Kitty died, although we had other cats of various colours over the years, mam especially adopted another all black kitten from Cats Protection, she named her Ebony. Not to replace Kitty but in honour of her colour.
Sadly our mam died when Ebony was only 4 years old.
I think true cat lovers don't even consider the colour of a cat's fur, but sadly some people do and there are always lots of black or black and white cats needing homes, passed by for other colours.
Our present 2 boyz are both black and white and much loved little characters.
We don't see them as black and white, we just see them as beautiful cats.

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

Oct 12, 2011
Singing in Chorus, Cheek To Cheek
by: Grahame

To 'Anonymous':

I, too, love Airedales. I have had many dogs, but no other breed of whom I have had experience surpasses the Airedale as a class act.

My last Airedale used to sing cheek to cheek with my cats! It was so adorable. And a swell time was had by all.

Once, when I removed house to a distant place, my then-only cat made the journey in the motor very well, tapping on the window when she wanted to go out to pee. Two days after our arrival at our new house, she jumped out of an open window and was not to be found. I made a trip to the local animal shelter. She was not there, but a huge, grizzled Mastiff was on the floor, looking bereft. I asked about this dog, and the horrifying reply was: 'Oh, he won't fit into our gas chamber. We are going to hook him up to the exhaust pipe of our lorry later on.' Needless to say, I took him straightaway. A stout rope was affixed, and he fairly dragged me out. You know how this ends: no sooner had we brought him to his new home then our cat reappeared! It never fails, this routine. Go to a shelter looking for a lost animal and one leaves with another. Then the original comes home. We brought home other strays, and they all slept with the Mastiff. His head was huge, and there was a good-sized space between his snout and the crown of his head when he lay down. Our young kittens slept there! He could have swallowed any one of them with one snap of his large jaws, but he was a sweetheart. And clearly pleased to have been rescued. The cats often got the better of him, with playful ambushes as he passed by.

In retirement, I have removed to a flat, and no longer can keep large dogs. I miss them, none more than the wonderful Airedales. Best breed ever!

Oct 12, 2011
Black cats are wonderful!
by: Anonymous

My first cat Marilyn was black and lived to a very ripe old age. She loved to hunt and would bring me parts of animals all the time. She also loved our Airedale and would play with her all the time. In America they say a black cat in your path is bad luck, in England I was told this was good luck!! i always thought my black cat was very special and I would have another one in a heartbeat.
I seem to be sent cats so I usually don't get to pick the color. I had never heard that people were afraid of black cats. That seems silly.

Oct 12, 2011
Black cats have the light
by: Grahame

Sasha, of beloved memory, was a large black-coated cat with a white "bow tie" and a gorgeoous thin flash of white inside the rear thigh crease. I got a lot of joy seeing Sash in all his beauty. Sasha had recessive brown tabby markings visible only in sunlight, so he was not pure melanistic. And I say: 'So what?!' I got much joy from this black cat. If I get another cat, it will be a black cat. Sasha's companion is a gorgeous brown tabby. Amazingly, a moggy; of fine lineage, it seems.

Sasha adopted me, so it was not his beauty first attracted me. But after he came home with me, I got real joy contemplating this beautiful animal who adopted me.

When I attend cat shelters, I like to interact with all the forlorn caged moggies. But when contemplating an addition to the family, I definitely seek out a cat whose personality and appearance warm my heart. Sometimes a shy or reserved cat (it is emotionally draining for a cat to be caged in a shelter, so make allowances!)may also tug at ones heartstrings. It takes sensitivity and discernment from the human.

I understand your point of view, Michael. Of course a not-so striking cat may, upon further acquaintence, be seen as beautiful ('love is blind'), and truth to tell, ALL cats are beautiful and magnificent animals. Nevertheless, I place a lot on appearance, and I consider myself a very sensitive cat companion. But, Michael, you give me pause: perhaps I have got to reconsider all of this, eh?

Oct 12, 2011
by: Michael

Black cats care potentially healthier too. The gene that makes the hair black is associated with resistance to disease it seems. Some wildcats are melanistic (black) and it appears that these cats are healthier.

Oct 12, 2011
Black cats are beautiful
by: Mary

Black cats are beautiful - in temperament and in spirit, as well as externally. That's my opinion anyway. I have known quite a few.

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