Why are British Shorthairs indoor cats?

British Shorthair cats are purebred, pedigree cats when registered with a cat association. They have a distinctive appearance indicating that they are purebred. The most popular colour is blue which is a diluted black and these cats often have copper eyes. It is a distinctive and glamorous look. You won’t see a blue British Shorthair cat with copper eyes wandering around suburbia on their own because they’re just to desirable and there would be a reasonable likelihood of the cat being stolen.

British Shorthair - an indoor cat
British Shorthair – an indoor cat. This is blue Brit SH. Image: Pinterest.
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The cost of a good quality British Shorthair in the United States might be upwards of $2,500. The price range might be between $800 and the number quoted. The price will be similar in other countries including the UK and Australia. You can expect to pay at least around $1,500 for a good quality cat.

No owner of a cat of that value is going to allow them to wander around outside without supervision. The theft of cats is probably more prevalent than people think. And if such a beautiful cat is not stolen then there is at least a possibility that they might be attacked by a predator in the USA. The USA is notable for the fact that they have a lot of wildlife including a known predator of the domestic cat namely the coyote. This adaptable and resilient predator, which is used to habituating urban areas, attacks, kills and eats a large number of domestic cat annually in America.

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And then you’ve got the mad humans who like to be cruel to domestic cats. They are ever-present and you don’t know where they are. The best way to look after a British Shorthair cat is to keep them indoors full-time but ensure that the indoors is enriched to match up with the desires and motivations of a cat. It should include a catio ideally or a backyard enclosure. Further, the cat should be leash trained as a kitten and then taken out for walks occasionally for mental stimulation depending upon the circumstances that exist outside.

The focus, I believe, should be to counteract, at least, the potential numbing effect on a domestic cat when confined to the indoors. I know it is difficult to fully “catify” (Jackson Galaxy’s terminology) a human home but that’s the objective if you really want to discharge your cat owning responsibilities fully.

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