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Why are cats attracted to non-cat people? — 3 Comments

  1. Yes you’re correct, Michael; that is my take on it too. I’d only add that non cat people tend to not look at cats as much or with intent (being disinterested) which is more comfortable for the cat than to stare at them. Letting the cat come to you is a technique from horse whispering too. In fact there’s a scene from the movie The Horse Whisperer where Robert Redford does exactly that.

  2. If someone’s untrained, unruly dog jumps all over you it’s because supposedly ‘ the dog can sense you are a good person’. Yeah the dog is obviously way off base because if it knew what I was thinking it would scoot for the nearest dark corner. If a cat find a person that they want to sit on or solicit attention people think ‘ the cat knows I don’t like it and therefore is being evil by wanting attention.
    I am not basing this on your article so much Micheal but life experience. I usually acquire the family cat where ever I go because I tend to sit quietly therefore I am blessed to have the kitty on my lap. On the other hand I have a list of homes and ex friends that I will no longer visit because of their ill behaved dogs. Notice I didn’t say I won’t go because they have dogs but those that have those ill behaved hounds that maul you at the door slobbering all over you while the owner smiles like it’s supposed to be fun getting covered in spit and scratched up. On the other hand there are few individual dogs whose company I quite enjoy and they find me quickly even though it’s pretty well known that I don’t care for canines. My personal opinion is companion animals should be well played with , fed and put to bed like small children before gaggles of people descend on their home.

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