Why are cats scared of bananas?

Why are people asking…why are cats scared of bananas? It is obvious. They are referring to banana peel. If banana peel is lying on a surface and the skin is ‘fanned out’ as if it could be a dead or still animal, a domestic cat is going to be cautious about it. He may prod it to check if it is living and/or dangerous. He may believe that the peel is a living creature and initially be scared of it but it depends on the cat. Not all cats will be scared of banana peel. It is all about individual personality.

The answer, then, to the question is: because the cat is unsure about it and needs to check it out as it looks as if it could be an animal and therefore potentially dangerous. There are certain similarities between a banana peel and some animals (if you use your imagination!). What about a large insect like a large spider? Or a scorpion. Or perhaps it might appear to be a group of small animals.

The key is that cats are initially cautious because of their natural and well developed survival instincts. As in the video, the cat may even believe the peel moved after he prodded it resulting in an instant of fear.

You may see the same caution when cats attack prey such as a mice. They may prod it and avoid putting their mouth up to it, at least initially.

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  1. There are many things that I observe my cats being wary of. Some include the dryer debris that I may not know gets away from me and is on the floor, the vacuum that I set out just before using, and some of their stuffed animals. On their haunches, hissing, and swatting…


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