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Why are cats so cute? — 9 Comments

  1. ‘It’s about which genes are the best…&c.’

    As for the best genes…just finished reading Dr. Suzanne Sadedin’s essay on AEON (the cyber-mag). The way she describes it, one of the most hearts & flowers time of a woman’s life is furious warfare between host & parasite genes struggling for supremacy.

    • The human is far more of an animal than most people think. Everything we do is down to animal survival instincts and motivators – a lot of it is subliminal. Reproduction is a major part of our lives.

  2. Howdy Dee –

    What sort of varlet would call a feral ‘scruffy?’ Millions of them are beautiful! My poor homely boy was a mass of scars and carbuncles, badly healed fractures, rickets and scurvy from years of abuse. Yes, he was ugly as Berkely Breathed’s ‘Bill the Cat.’ But he was all soul.

    And yes, I’m going for it!!! Never mind that I’ve not yet recovered from the ‘handyman’ who took three hours to glue two shingles on my roof. One hour of that time was spent stepping into his safety harness, untangling its knots, threading the straps under his crotch and over his shoulder-blades, buckling and unbuckling, squatting and twisting this way and that. Drove me around the bend to see it. Had to go in the house and lie down.

  3. Why are kittens cute?

    Men are said to favor pedomorphic features in a woman in preference to – say – a lantern jaw, an aquiline nose & a narrow, flat forehead. What draws their gaze is the oval face with a retroussé nose, largish eyes, a convex forehead and high, rounded cranium infants possess and also many eye-candy women, such as the late Liz Taylor. Also many Africans.

    Come to think, though, is beauty relative?

    Why did the Kwakiutl and Tsimshian, et al. flatten their foreheads by binding them to a board in infancy? To them, there was nothing more fetching than no forehead.

    What makes Twiggy cuter than one of those 19th century, 600 lb. Hawaiian queens? Tinkerbelle than Jimmy Durante? A kitten than a proboscis monkey?

    Still more flummoxing, why will a parent feel nothing but melting tenderness for and spend his last dime on a hopelessly homely, battle-scarred wreck of an alley cat?

    As a finishing touch, how can a parent feel affection for a couple of spiders? Delight in their little antics? Care about their welfare? Worry when the flies are sparse during the winter, and stand outside on sunny, cold days, swatter in hand, to catch the two kids, Clint and Flora, a meal to sustain them, and for the pleasure of watching the little blighters rush out of their silken hidey holes, their tiny hands outstretched, and snatch their dinner? They too are cute.
    Ruthie – are you there? (With apologies to this website.)

    The guy came out today, snapped a bunch of photos, then crunched the bumper into its two longitudinal grooves in eight seconds and attached it by drilling in one screw, which he said would hold for a few miles.

    Called him later today when he’d had time to calculate the fee. Told me it’d be $1,360. Screeched in transports of agony. Fell to the floor. But then he paused a moment or two, hummed & hawed and finally said, ‘Well….if you don’t insist on the last gasp in aesthetics, maybe I can attach and restore everything in four hours for $166.22.’ Screeched with rapture, still supine on floor. Too weak to get up.

    What would you bet he can do the job in a few minutes, but flattens his customers with the first sum so they don’t balk at the second? It’s impossible not to laugh at the tactics of service providers.

    Will be at the library Wed. afternoon. Hope you & your family are hanging together. xx

    • Come to think, though, is beauty relative

      I think beauty is to do with survival of the fittest. It is about which genes are the best. Symmetrical features indicate good genes. Symmetrical features are considered beautiful. Perhaps cuteness is a baby version of symmetrical features.

    • Sylvia (apologied too)-

      $166.00 is OK. Sure, a 10 minute job. But, what can you do? Aesthetics are pretty meaningless. Function is everything. Go for it.

  4. 1. attractive in a pretty or endearing way.”she had a cute little nose”
    2.North American informal clever or cunning, especially in a self-seeking or superficial way.”she had a real cute idea”

    It’s a strange word is cute and not one I find myself using often and if I do it’s the second definition rather than the first as in “Oh he was cute there, he jumped into my chair as soon as I got out”(so as well as North American it must be Northern England as well)
    I tend to describe cats as gorgeous, beautiful, lovely, pretty but not cute, to me the only cats that are cute are the ones with clever ideas to benefit themselves (which probably describes most cats really LOL).

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