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Why are cats so dumb? Discuss. — 7 Comments

  1. For me this hits on a very important point which has directly to do with the failing of our culture.

    Intelligence should not be considered ‘knowing stuff’ – some of the most highly respected or qualified people are as dumb as sulky little 5 year olds so what is the difference?

    For me its simply that there are 2 kinds of intelligence.

    One is the kind we all know and which culture promotes and is taught in school. Simple, but not complete.

    The other is emotional. Emotional intelligence. Knowing how to handle yourself, how to react, how to respect, how to be kind, how to give space, how to share – these are things which most doctors and bankers never had timew to develop in their quest for power and culturally accepted success – and value promotion.

    Therein lies the paradox. Those in power do not have time to be emotionally intelligent by virtue of climbing the ladder to where they are. Yet they are kind of in control of our culture.

    Sucks a$$ but it’s true basically.

    Cats are not dumb. That is painfully obvious. Painfully.

    Like Ruth I can safely say I never met a cat I would call dumb.

    • Well said Marc. I agree that this is a very important subject because human arrogance places every other creature below him/her mainly on the basis that they are dumb or dumber. Totally wrong. It is the underlying cause of some much animal suffering and abuse.

  2. I’ve never met a dumb (as in stupid) cat in my life! They are in fact more intelligent than a lot of people are, including well educated ones who have the diplomas but no sense or compassion.
    Nor have I met a dumb (as in can’t speak) cat either. Cats can speak, just in a different language to us.
    I wonder how we’d fair in reverse, if we were the pets of cats, would we be able to convey what we want and need as well as cats can to us? I doubt it!

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