Maine Coon bred in Russia with an interesting coat

Maine Coon bred in Russia with an interesting coat. Photo: Irina Goriunova (Russian breeder of this cat).

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These are the details as provided for this individual cat:

Eyktan Einstein
Date of birth 20.01.2021
n 03 22
HCM, SMA, n/n

Russian Maine Coon breeders are exceptional in my view. They are the best breeders of this breed judging from the appearance of their cats.

This is ironic bearing in mind the ‘cold war’ at the moment between America and Russia. The Maine Coon is America’s cat breed which originates in the state of Maine thanks to the first English settlers to the continent in the early 1600s who brought longhaired random bred cats (moggies) with them.

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By my reckoning the MC is the world’s most popular cat breed at present and the largest breed of cat (barring the wild cat hybrids for the largest).

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