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Why are cats so popular on the internet? — 11 Comments

  1. Cats are popular as they are wonderful Companions, Natural healers. Also not all come from European Countries or America. Down Under gets left out 🙁 I think Cats are so Awesume. They are Cute and Cuddly, understand our Emotions and so much more than Just Cats.

      • Yes I agree. Dogs seem to be more Understood than Cats. I went out to my Parents place for tea tonite. I havent been out in ages. They have a little dog that Yaps and barks alot. Made me feel abit overwhelmed and stressed. As was jumping up. I love the Dog, but just made me think. It reminded me just how much easier a Cat/s is to have. How there is not much work involved. As just how much love they can sense.

  2. Cats are very “PHOTOGENIC” and the soft “PURR” of the cat is the most soothing sound to a human ear.Cats are also mysterious to decipher unlike dogs that are always obedient to their human masters. Personally feel that these could be some reasons for cats being popular on the internet.
    In this photo i have posted is a “BENGAL CAT” inspecting my luggage in “Six Degree Hostel” in Jakarta.This was the first time i saw a “Bengal Cat” and was impressed by the beauty of its coat and sturdy built.

    • I agree the photogenic nature of cats led to lots of online photos of cats which lead to LOLcats and then funny cat videos. Good point. The “Bengal cat” looks very fine and as you say very sturdy.

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