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This is a list of my responses to Google search terms beginning with “why are cats….”. The search terms are sometimes odd but typical. They are often the questions of people who need to be educated on cat behaviour. The selected search terms are selected by Google in autocomplete. There are more but at the date of this post, these are the ones that Google autocompletes.

Why are cats so cute?

Cats are cute because they have faces which are somewhat like the faces of babies. They have big round eyes and sometimes they are bred to have round faces. Kittens in particular have the appearance of babies and of course we find babies cute. In addition, a cat’s behaviour can be sweet and cute particular, once again, with respect to kittens.

Why are cats scared of cucumbers?

This is a well-known phenomenon and it is due to the fact that a strange object has been placed behind a cat unbeknownst to the cat. When the cat turns around they suddenly see a strange object which could be hostile and dangerous to them and therefore they jump into the air to escape. It’s a simple and normal reaction. It might not be a cucumber. It could be any strange object.

Why are cats scared of water?

Cats are not scared of water. Often they do not like water in terms of being engulfed by it (i.e. in a shower or bath) although some do not mind at all and some like it (e.g. Savannah cats). It is a fallacy to argue that domestic cats are scared of water. All domestic cats can swim well if required to. Anecdotally, Turkish Vans are said to like water.

Why are cats better than dogs?

Cats are not better than dogs. It’s a question of personal preference.

Why are cats’ noses wet?

Cats’ noses are not wet unless there are particular reasons and circumstances such as condensation on the nose. Or if the cat is suffering from an upper respiratory infection when the nose may be wet because of mucus. The normal condition for a cat’s nose is reasonably dry.

Why are cats so weird?

Cats are not weird. They may do things which some people don’t understand which leads these people to conclude that their behaviour is weird. It’s a complete fallacy. It’s a lack of education in the people who say that cats are so weird.

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