Why are domestic cats so charming?

To people who adopt domestic cats, they are very charming. It is part of their attraction. What makes them charming? It must be to do with their character and their appearance.

Domestic cat innocence is charming
Domestic cat innocence is charming. Photo on Flickr by kuhnmi. Thanks for allowing people to use your image.
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This morning I watched my cat groom himself on my lap. He had been outside all night. He needed to groom himself afterwards. And he was oblivious of me. He was behaving instinctively. He was in the moment. It was charming to watch. It gave me the idea to write about it.

Domestic cats live in the moment, and they behave instinctively which gives them INNOCENCE, which humans don’t have unless they are babies. Which leads me nicely onto the appearance of the domestic cat


You must have heard cat lovers calling their cats “fur babies”. That pretty much says it all. Often the relationship between human and cat is one of mother to child, even baby.

This is partly to do with the relatively very large eyes that domestic cats have in relation to the size of their face. This is a hint at a baby-faced. Feline anatimy is attractive to women.

This has been enhanced through selective breeding with purebred cats such as the Persian.

You can then throw into the mix the cat’s fur. Everybody likes the feel of fur. This is about touch as well as appearance.

People like passing their hand through the fur of their cat companion. This is particularly relevant with respect to the British Shorthair which has dense fur.

Colours such as white and kittens are bonuses in appearance. White is pure. More innocence. Kittens too are perceived as pure of heart: an ultimate expression of innocence.


The domestic cat isn’t perfect in respect of appearance which is why some people decide to modify their cat. They customise their cat by declawing. Yes, it is the claws which are a problem too many people. They hurt sometimes. And teeth come into the equation as well. You might not believe it but some people even de-tooth their cats! Quite horrible.

But declawing and de-toothing point to the fact that the appearance of a domestic cat is very important people. They want the baby face, but they don’t want the claws

I find it very sad, by the way, that people feel obliged to customise their cat’s anatomy. I am one of those people who completely reject this concept for the simple reason that it reflects an unhealthy relationship, one in which the cat is not seen as a sentient being but as an object to keep their ‘owner’ company and entertained. And to adorn their home. And declawing is horribly cruel.


I feel that I need to return to the word “innocence”. It is a word which is strongly linked to charm. Children are innocent because they don’t carry the mental baggage of adults. The baggage of life’s experience plays a big part in decision-making for adults. It leads adult people to lie and play games. Domestic cats don’t play games unless they are “playing games” with their toys!

You know what I mean. They don’t play emotional games, messing around with other people’s emotions; like gaslighting (manipulating someone so as to make them question their own reality).

With a cat, what you see is what you get. That’s innocence. “Innocence” does not mean stupid. It means purity of thought. A clean brain without baggage. Something that people should aspire to.

Some adults actually manage to maintain a certain innocence because they don’t allow their mental baggage to affect their decision-making. This might happen voluntarily or involuntarily. These people are charming, but their emotional baggage may be manifest in different ways such as drugtaking or alcoholism.

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3 thoughts on “Why are domestic cats so charming?”

  1. Michael, thanks for the compliments and both my cats”Matahari” and “Matata” have featured on your site on a few “Cat Topics” over the decade.Sadly after the death of “Tomcat Matata” on Saturday(26/11/2022) i will be no more owning any pet’s as its heartbreaking when they depart permanently. Besides, being single and since travel occupies a lot of my time it would be difficult to maintain a pet in my house .Henceforth,will be immersed in “Animal Philanthropy” and “Wildlife awareness” through blogging during my travels.”Pictures of Cats” and my own cat group “Mumbai Cat Club” will also keep me busy learning as well as dispensing knowledge on cat’s. Change is permanent in life and living.

  2. Rudolph. A.Furtado

    Below is a rare photo of my late long hair Persian cat’s ” Matahari(2007-2020) and her sibling ” Tomcat Matata(2009-2022).They both filled my life with joy and always rejuvenated me when fatigued or simply bored from loneliness as a single living bachelor.

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