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Why are domestic cats so charming? — 3 Comments

  1. Michael, thanks for the compliments and both my cats”Matahari” and “Matata” have featured on your site on a few “Cat Topics” over the decade.Sadly after the death of “Tomcat Matata” on Saturday(26/11/2022) i will be no more owning any pet’s as its heartbreaking when they depart permanently. Besides, being single and since travel occupies a lot of my time it would be difficult to maintain a pet in my house .Henceforth,will be immersed in “Animal Philanthropy” and “Wildlife awareness” through blogging during my travels.”Pictures of Cats” and my own cat group “Mumbai Cat Club” will also keep me busy learning as well as dispensing knowledge on cat’s. Change is permanent in life and living.

  2. Below is a rare photo of my late long hair Persian cat’s ” Matahari(2007-2020) and her sibling ” Tomcat Matata(2009-2022).They both filled my life with joy and always rejuvenated me when fatigued or simply bored from loneliness as a single living bachelor.

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