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Why are many Indonesians so cruel to animals? — 12 Comments

      • https://plato.stanford.edu/entries/relativism/

        I have always had a deep interest in history and human culture attached to it. In the last few decades there has been a pull to soften cultural history and some of the most barbaric practices as acceptable for that period of time. Boils down to apologists saying they just didn’t know better. I highly doubt that. History finds cultures and figures over and over that did not subscribe to barbaric behavior.
        It is human choice to behave this way. You cannot be a decent human being and treat any animal in this fashion and if it going on next door then you must learn to speak up.
        I have never questioned them about the treatment of animals there rather I have shown them my cats, the plight of stray and feral cats here and talked about how it is wrong for Americans to abuse any animal. I have tried to mentor their thinking of pets and ethical treatment while respecting them as individuals. I hope I have led by example not just words and ideals.

  1. Although this article bends a bit toward religion it is a good read on the rewriting or or normalizing of depraved human behavior. We must excuse all sick twisted human behavior from female genital mutilation ,forced marriages and sickening displays of animal torture in meat markets on full display in third world countries as their culture or cultural heritage. In this particular case I am not addressing animal abuse in first world countries where factory farming and people ranting to kill feral and stray cats which are really homeless domestic pets like vermin. That is even more deplorable than the moron who is chopping up live animals in some Asian countries. Because I worked with some incredible Chinese exchange students this summer I can tell you they have a much more heartfelt view of the world and animals. These beautiful people are the true future of china and most Asian countries.

    • I am sure there are millions of Asians including Indonesians who are kind to cats but this cat meat market horror story indicates a culture that disgusts me. It is there for all to see in plain sight. This is accepted in Indonesia. Therefore the culture is ignorant as far as I am concerned. It isn’t just cat meat markets, they destroy the habitat of tigers. Okay the West has done similar stuff but we know better now. We have moved on. This should not happen today. It looks medieval to me.

  2. Human life has no value there so they do not care about animals. It boils down to supply and demand. If they did not have a demand they would not sell the meat. There are too many people and not enough jobs there and they cannot afford supermarket food. They take their rage out on the animals. Not making excuses for them and yes it is horrible and infuriating.

      • Many people throughout the world were in times past uneducated and ignorant but never tortured and horificaly kill animals. It’s a basic instinct in us to protect. It runs deeper than this and these people who do this are psychopaths.

      • I am tired of hearing people saying we have to always respect the culture of other peoples. We should respect other cultures if it is good and decent. But if it is crap, then sod it. I’ll criticise it. The culture with respect to animal welfare in Indonesia sucks to use an American expression. And the reason is mass ignorance and corruption and bad human behavior as a result.

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