Why are Siamese cats so clingy?

I don’t believe Siamese cats are necessarily clingy. For ‘clingy’ you might, instead, describe the Siamese as liking human company. Clingy is being a bit critical whereas a cat who likes to be around people is desirable. There are other considerations too.

Siamese Lap Cat
Siamese Lap Cat. Original photo of Jerry by Jerry Pank
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Gloria Stephens (Legacy of the Cat) writes about the Siamese character:

“They want to be as close as possible, and their need for closeness verges on the desperate”.

Is that clingy? Maybe it is 😉 .

Gloria, though, is generalising. You can’t claim all Siamese cats have the same character. Cats aren’t manufactured in a factory like like nuts and bolts. There will be individual variations.

I’d expect Siamese cat breeders deliberately select breeding cats who are very friendly because this is what people normally like.

Gloria goes on to write, “Indeed these are demanding cats”. This is a hint at the clinginess (friendliness) of the Siamese.

Dr Bruce Fogle describes the Siamese as “gregarious” (Encyclopaedia of the Cat), a word which hints at the fact that cats of this breed like human companionship. To be honest, I think this characteristic is overstated. Breeders like to create clear demarkations between the breeds on character and appearance.

If a person’s Siamese cat is genuinely clingy, there will most likely be a reason for it other than the cat’s personality or in addition to personality. It may be a sign that the cat is feeling insecure and/or is bored and wants attention, such as play and general interaction.

The cure for an insecure cat is to make her feel secure. Perhaps the answer for a cat who is clingy is to interact more with her. That should remove the need for her to make demands which is a feature of clinginess.

Let’s not forget, too, that for one person a cat might be clingy but for another person the same cat might be delightfully friendly. The cat caretaker may really like the demands for a highly interactive companionship. Some cats might be addicted to a person’s lap – great for a lot of people. Perceptions depend on the person. Clinginess is subjective. We have to analyse the person’s character as well as the cat’s.

The Siamese family of cats is large and includes the Oriental SH, to name one. Cats of this breed should have similar personalities.

Associated: Siamese personality.

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12 thoughts on “Why are Siamese cats so clingy?”

  1. My Siamese also follows me everywhere, including the bathroom! He even jumped in the shower with me a couple times when he was a baby but quickly learned that sticking to the ledge of the tub was safer LOL. He sleeps right next to my head, curled up by my face every night and he cuddles on my lap whenever I watch TV. He does like to walk across books I am actively reading as they are in my lap and to him that is clearly HIS spot exclusively. He’s my best little buddy, I adopted him as a rescue from the Humane Society and while yes, he is quite vocal if I am not in the same room with him or come home later than he expects me to, but I take that as sign that he’s just as attached to me as I am to him. Love him tons and have had him for 8 years now.

    • Lovely comment Abby. Proof that the Siamese is generally very human orientated and close to their human. I like that he is a rescue cat too. Nice story.


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