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Why are Siamese cats so clingy? — 12 Comments

  1. My Siamese also follows me everywhere, including the bathroom! He even jumped in the shower with me a couple times when he was a baby but quickly learned that sticking to the ledge of the tub was safer LOL. He sleeps right next to my head, curled up by my face every night and he cuddles on my lap whenever I watch TV. He does like to walk across books I am actively reading as they are in my lap and to him that is clearly HIS spot exclusively. He’s my best little buddy, I adopted him as a rescue from the Humane Society and while yes, he is quite vocal if I am not in the same room with him or come home later than he expects me to, but I take that as sign that he’s just as attached to me as I am to him. Love him tons and have had him for 8 years now.

    • Lovely comment Abby. Proof that the Siamese is generally very human orientated and close to their human. I like that he is a rescue cat too. Nice story.

  2. My siamese cat follows me around everwhere, even to the bathroom! He will sometimes suprise me by jumping on my shoulders while I am sitting using my laptop. He also sits at my screen door when I leave for work and return. It can be annoying but I adore him. And he licks my hand like kisses. Definitely not a breed who likes being alone.

    • You have a beautiful relationship with him and it’s great. Thanks for sharing, Tara. Most cats like joining us in the bathroom. It’s the scent.

  3. I don’t think it’s a problem if breeders define personality traits of different breeds because I understand they are “guidelines”. Of course there will be variations within those guidelines and perhaps additional characteristics but frankly I actually appreciate having those basic characteristics outlined. I’ve owned several Siamese and while I wouldn’t characterize the behavior as “needy” they have definitely been more interactive and one of the most talkative breeds I’ve had – another trait spoken of by breeders. While each Siamese had different overall personalities they all had the same basic traits – traits which I happen to adore and am thankful for those “guidelines” provided by breeders…

    • Thank you Suzie for adding to the page with your personal experience of this very popular cat breed. I agree completely with what you say.

  4. I think they are too. Then the new owners who are gullible enough to believe that Fluffy or Fido should behave only in a certain way are pretty surprised when their new companion’s personality comes out once they get comfortable in their new home.

    I’ve never gotten any of my furkids from breeders. Once I ‘bought’ a kitten from a hustler kid on a shopping mall parking lot. I rescued the majority of my cats from shelters, and I always meet with the little furballs so that I can get an idea what I’m getting into. When I adopted Samirah the shelter tried to convince me that she was all sweetness and light. She is, but she’s also cranky too. I guess they thought cranky would scare me off. It didn’t.

  5. You’re absolutely right. My family loves German Shepherds. As a breed they are regarded as incredibly loyal and smart. The dogs we had were, but each one had his own distinct personality and his own particular quirks. Snoopy would climb the eight foot tall fence around his kennel so he could get out and roam. That’s supposed to be very unusual for a large dog.

    • To be honest I think the breeders do people a disservice in constantly promoting the idea that breeds have certain distinct personalities. They are misleading the public.

  6. I’ve never had a Siamese, but from the description that doesn’t sound clingy to me. Some of the cats I’ve had were true lap cats, others were aloof but I loved them all. I admit I talk to them like they were human, and since they all seem to understand and to talk back, I’m the type of person who would encourage a Siamese to talk.

    Michael, you’re right, you can’t generalize. I once had three Manx cat females who were as different as night and day. The oldest, Cujo, hated cuddling and tolerated my affection. The youngest, Maya, preferred to hang out in my bedroom all the time. She didn’t mind a head scratch or two sometimes. The middle cat, Moo, was a couch potato when she wasn’t tearing around the house doing the kitten crazies even as an adult. Moo would sit on the couch and watch tv with me. Manx are a very dog-like cat. They love to be with their humans, or so they say.

    • It seems that your experiences support what I have said before. There is a tendency for there to be an underlying character for a breed but individual characters are what we mainly experience.

  7. I’ve never had a Siamese cat, and after hearing one cry many years ago, I decided that I wouldn’t get one, even from a shelter.

    I did have a cat that was a true lap cat. Every time I sat down, she was on my lap. I considered getting a baby sling for her, so I could get up and down without disturbing her, but I never did.

    She was also a talker, and very friendly with strangers.
    She was part Persian, but I didn’t know about the other part.

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