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Why are Siamese cats so vocal, talkative and noisy? — 1 Comment

  1. Michael, I had 3 Siamese kitties — all since have gone to Rainbow Bridge — none of them were very talkative. My Lilac point Siamese did not become vocal until her later years (she lived to be 15), and my 2 Lynx points were never talkative. I have noticed with my current group of kitties (13 adopted/rescued) that the more I talk with them, the more they *talk* with me. It has been said that cats do not meow and talk with each other — they mainly talk to humans. Other than when my *kids* are at each other so to speak (playing or wrestling with each other) they only become vocal with my son and I — and, of course, especially at feeding time!! I have quite the chorus at feeding time!! My Bengal mix (Mimi the Bengal Girl on facebook) is quite vocal and a couple of my moggies are quite vocal, but they will all chat with me when I speak to them. . . ♥♥♥

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